Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Ravyns: Second hand [lyrics]

The Ravyns: Second hand [lyrics]

The Ravyns

Second hand

The room was close
With smoke pollution
Your first hello
Put me in revolution
Grew more intense
With every minute
Was no offense
But I liked your digits
Your girlfriend said
Yhat I've got a head
Harder than a kitchen sink
Well my band is tough
But I'm so wound up
Don't leave me on the blink

I'm second hand
But that don't matter
I love your friend
But you're the one I'm after
You put me down
But I can take a lickin'
I'm second hand
And I keep on tickin'

You couldn't believe that I was so insistant
You treated me cruel but I was shock resistant
You gave me the slip with no reservation
Now I'm slippin' it back with an explanation
Your friend and me shared a cup of tea
But that was merely just a fling
But if you think I'm harm
You better set your alarm
And keep a close watch on the thing


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