Friday, April 11, 2014

Tommy Shaw [Ambition - 1987]

Tommy Shaw [Ambition - 1987]

Origin: Montgomery, Alabama (USA)

Tommy Shaw Ambition 1987

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Tommy Shaw - Vocals, guitar, backing Vocals
Christopher O'Shaughnessy - Guitar on "Are You Ready for Me" and "Ambition"
Terry Thomas - Guitar, keyboards, drum programming, backing Vocals
Felix Krish - Bass
Tony Beard - Drums
Steve Alexander - Percussion
Wix - Keyboards
Peter-John Vettese - Keyboards on "Ever Since the World Began"
Richie Cannata - Saxophone
Lee Hart - Backing vocals
Dee Lewis - Backing vocals
Shirley Lewis - Backing vocals
Helena Springs - Backing vocals
James "JY" Young - Backing vocals


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