Monday, May 26, 2014

Virginia Wolf [Push - 1987]

Virginia Wolf [Push - 1987]

Origin: Manchester (England-UK)

Virginia Wolf Push 1987

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Chris Ousey - Vocals
Nick Bold - Guitar
Jo Burt - Bass
Jason Bonham - Drums

Additional musicians:

David Jon Hinson - Keyboards
Keith Borman - Backing vocals
Jimmy Goings - Backing vocals
Tramaine Hawkins - Backing vocals
Jeanie Tracy - Backing vocals
Lynette Hawkins - Backing vocals


1. Don't break away
2. One night
3. Standing on the edge of time
4. Open door
5. Man in the moon
6. Let it go
7. You don't know what you've got
8. Can you feel the fire
9. Tables have turned
10. The strangest thing (It's called love)

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  1. Your youtube song post is not in proper sequence


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