Thursday, June 19, 2014

Benny Mardones [Too much to lose - 1981]

Benny Mardones [Too much to lose - 1981]

Origin: Origin: Cleveland, Ohio (USA) raised in Savage, Maryland (USA)

Benny Mardones Too much to lose 1981

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Benny Mardones - Vocals
Lars Hanson - Guitar
Terry Bacon - Guitar
Robert Tepper - Bass, backing vocals
Gregg Gerson - Drums
Duane Evans - Keyboards
Mark Rivera - Saxophone
Michael Kamen - Synclaiver
Kinny Landrum - Synthesizers


1. Sheila C.
2. This time
3. The dreamer
4. Till he mentioned your name
5. Baby don't
6. Treat you right
7. I'm not gonna cry anymore
8. Oh me oh my

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