Thursday, September 18, 2014

Brett Raymond [Only love - 1986]

Brett Raymond [Only love - 1986]

Origin: Dayton, Ohio (USA)

 Brett Raymond Only love 1986 aor melodic rock westcoast music blogspot albums

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Brett Raymond - Vocals
Steve Lukather - Guitar
Michael Landau - Guitar
Michael Porcaro - Bass
John Keane - Cymbals
Michael Fisher - Percussion
Jay Gruska - Keyboards, backing vocals
Randy Waldman - Keyboards
Steve Tavaglione - Saxophone
James House - Backing vocals
Joseph Williams - Backing vocals


1. Walk Into Love
2. What About Me (and You)
3. Only Love
4. It's Not Like The Movies
5. Send It To Me
6. When You Say You Love Me
7. Please Don't Look at me That Way
8. We Just Can't
9. Some Changes Around Here

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