Monday, September 22, 2014

Lisa Hartman ['Til my heart stops - 1988]

Lisa Hartman ['Til my heart stops - 1988]

Origin: Houston, Texas (USA)

Lisa Hartman 'Til my heart stops 1988 aor melodic rock music blogspot albums

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Lisa Hartman - Vocals
Michael Landau - Guitar
Waddy Wachtel - Guitar
Trevor Rabin - Guitar
Larry Klein - Bass, keyboards
Phil Brown - Bass, guitar, backing vocals
Craig Krampf - Drums
Steve Goldstein - Programming, keyboards, bass
Mick Guzauski - Percussion
Manu Katche - Percussion
Kevin Raleigh - Backing vocals
Timothy Schmidt - Backing vocals
"The Waters" (Oren, Maxine and Julia) - Backing vocals
Bill Wray - Backing vocals


1. Tempt Me (If You Want to)  
2. I Don't Need Love  
3. Ooh, I'm Satisfied  
4. I Can't Get You Out Of My System  
5. Tender Kiss  
6. The Dress  
7. How Many Rivers  
8. Imagination  
9. 'Til My Heart Stops Beating

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