Monday, October 6, 2014

China [Sign in the sky - 1989]

China [Sign in the sky - 1989]

Origin: Winterthur, Zürich (Switzerland)

China Sign in the sky 1989 aor melodic rock music blogspot albums

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Patrick Mason - Vocals
Freddy Laurence - Guitar
Claudio Matteo - Guitar, backing vocals
Brian Kofmehl - Bass
John Dommen - Drums

Additional musicians:
Claudio C. Cueni - Keyboards
Al Dellentash - Keyboards
Steve Grimmett - Backing vocals
Kip Kaplan - Backing vocals
James Palace - Backing vocals
Stephan Galfas - Backing vocals


1. The Great Wall (instrumental)
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3. Animal Victim lyrics
4. In the Middle of the Night lyrics
5. Won't Give It Up lyrics
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7. Don't Ever Say Goodbye lyrics
8. Broken Dream (instrumental)
9. Second Chance lyrics
10. Bitter Cold lyrics
11. Take Your Time lyrics
12. Harder Than Hell lyrics
13. So Long lyrics

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