Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Frontline [The state of rock - 1994]

Frontline [The state of rock - 1994]

Origin: Nürnberg, Bavaria (Germany)

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Stephan Kaemmerer - Vocals
Robby Boebel - Guitars, keyboards
Thomas Riess - Bass
Stephan Bayerlein - Drums


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  1. My friend!! thanks a lot for this great favour! I hope you can share more lyrics of this amazing band and i wait see more bands like Alien, Cry Wolf, Masquerade (Swe) Emergency (Swiss) Harlan Cage, Casanova, Tony Macalpine...I will share your videos for helping you and make your youtube's channel more bigger. Thanks and excuse for my deficient english XD

    1. Hi! First of all thank you very much for your comment and you're welcome for Frontline's lyrics :)
      I'll be updating this blogspot with more bands every week or at least I'll try it haha
      Thanks for your helping out my friend!



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