Wednesday, November 19, 2014

B.E. Taylor Group [Innermission - 1982]

B.E. Taylor Group [Innermission - 1982]

Origin: Pittsburgh (USA)

B.E. Taylor Group Innermission 1982 aor melodic rock music blogspot albums bands

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B.E. Taylor - Vocals
Rick Witkowski - Guitar, backing vocals
Joe Macre - Bass, backing vocals
Joey D'Amico - Drums, backing vocals
Nat Kerr - Keyboards, backing vocals
Vince Richards - Horns
Robert "Chic" Di Ciccio - Horns
Donnie Iris - Backing vocals
Mark Avsec - Backing vocals


1. Never Hold Back
2. Stand Up for Love
3. I Like the Way I Feel
4. Be My Baby
5. Not Enough Love
6. Just Like in the Movies
7. Under the Rug
8. Makin' my Move
9. On and On

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