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Tim Feehan [Full contact - 1990]

Tim Feehan [Full contact - 1990]

Origin: Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) settled in Los Angeles (USA)

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Tim Feehan - Vocals, drums, keyboards
Bruce Gaitsch - Guitar
Michael Landau - Guitar
Gene Black - Guitar
Steve Lukather - Guitar
Randy Jackson - Bass
Rene Worst - Bass
Prairie Prince - Drums
Mike Baird - Drums
Brian MacLeod - Drums, bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Gary Mallaber - Percussion
C. Jeffery Vanston - Keyboards
Richard Marx - Backing vocals
Tommy Funderburk - Backing vocals
Timothy B. Schmitt - Backing vocals
Rick Livingstone - Backing vocals
James Christian - Backing vocals
Marc LaFrance - Backing vocals
David Steele - Backing vocals
Marc Jordan - Backing vocals


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