Saturday, April 25, 2015

Speedway Boulevard [st - 1980]

Speedway Boulevard [st - 1980]

Origin: New York (USA)

Speedway Boulevard BLVD st 1980 aor melodic rock blogspot full albums bands lyrics

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Roy Herring Jr. - Vocals, percussion, piano
Gregg Hoffman - Guitar, backing vocals
Dennis Feldman - Bass, backing vocals
Glenn Dove - Drums, percussion
Jordan Rudess - Keyboards
Rose Ann Rickenbacker - Backing vocals
Lisa Rackenbacker - Backing vocals
John Marchese - Backing vocals
Nova Silver - Backing vocals


1. Speedway Boulevard
2. Chinatown
3. (Think I Better) Hold On
4. Dog in the Distance
5. Out of the Fire
6. Telephoto Lens
7. Prisoner of Time
8. Money Money
9. (Call My Name) Rock Magic
10. A Boulevard Nite

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