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Aldo Nova

Origin: Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Aldo Nova aor melodic rock
Aldo Nova

Aldo Nova st 1982 aor melodic rock music blogspot full albums bands lyricsst - 1982 (with lyrics)
Aldo Nova Subject 1983 aor melodic rock music blogspot full albums bands lyricsSubject - 1983 (with lyrics)
Aldo Nova [Twitch - 1985] aor melodic rock music blogspot full albums bands lyricsTwitch - 1985 (with lyrics)


- Born in Montreal as Aldo Caporuscio, Aldo Nova got his start in music rather late, not picking up a guitar until he was 15. But inspired by the likes of Clapton, Hendrix, and jazz, he immersed himself in the guitar with what would become his characteristic obsessiveness, practising non-stop.
By early 1980, the son of Italian immigrant parents, he was playing George Harrison while working in a production of Beatlemania, a gig that would last three years. By this time he was not only considered a local guitar hero, he was also quite proficient on the piano as well. During his off-time from being the silent guitarist in the fab-four, he worked as a studio engineer in the Montreal area. Access to the equipment proved vital to his future success. It was during the long studio sessions by himself after hours that he layed the foundations to what would become his debut lp. His time in the studios also helped hone his skills behind the boards, experience which would prove invaluable.

By '82 Nova had landed a publishing deal, then a recording deal with Portrait Records. Impressed by the raw feel of the demos done over the last couple of years, many of the songs on Nova's self-titled debut that year were put on as is, uncut and untouched. Portrait showed their confidence in the young talent by allowing him to serve as producer, still an uncommon practice for new acts to this day. The result was one of Canada's greatest debut records, burning with the passion of someone who's going to set the rock world on fire or go down in flames trying. It eventually reached platinum, and contained the hits "Foolin' Yourself", "Heart To Heart", the tender ballad "Ball and Chain" and the mega-classic about the seedier side of life in the city, "Fantasy". A complete unknown at the start of the year, Aldo Nova was a household name across Canada and already making a strong impression in the States as well by summer. The album and the single "Fantasy" topped Canada's charts, and the album eventually reached #8 on the US charts, selling two million copies in the process.

Still, the critics seemed unimpressed with Nova, particularly Rolling Stone which passed him off as "all flash and no substance", even though he was on some of the hottest concert tickets that year. Publicly he wasn't phased by the remarks, and he went into the studios to finish his second record SUBJECT ... ALDO NOVA. Finally hitting the shelves in late '83, it was originally intended as a concept album set in a post-holocaust waste-land. But he eventually molded it into a more conventional mainstream record, with the hit "Monkey On Your Back", about someone's struggle with substance abuse long before it was 'hip' to just say no.

Relying more on synthesizers, SUBJECT's moodier atmosphere showed maturity in the writing, toning down the sound without compromising his penchant for rocking the house down. The blazing cover of Coney Hatch's "Hey Operator" and the pounding rhythms of "Hold Back The Night" showed rare versatility and sophistication - commendable considering he still played most of the instruments, despite having a full backup band in support of his North American tours. The record went gold in Canada and made it to #56 in the US. That same year he also appeared on Claudja Barry's album NO LA DE LA, and also wrote "Take Me Away" for Blue Oyster Cult.

He spent the next couple of years touring, as well as writing jingles for commercials and lending a hand to other people's projects, including Michael Bolton and Lita Ford. He resurfaced in '85 with TWITCH. Aiming for what he called "a cross between rock and Don Henley", some of the blazing fury he'd become known for had been replaced with more complex texturing of more carefully thought out rhythms and beats. This was most evidenced by "Rumours Of You" and "Lay Your Love On Me". But "Erica," the cover of Ian Hunter's "Heartless" and "Tonight (Lift Me Up)" proved he could still shake the rafters when so inclined. The record also featured a venerable who's who of contributing guest artists, including Michael Bolton, Anton Fig, and Billy Carmassi. But confused by the change in direction, the fans though didn't accept TWITCH like the first two records and the critics gloated in what they believed all along, that he was a flash in the pan.

Portrait dropped him from their roster, and he again slipped out of the limelight, concentrating on outside projects until 1990, when he served on the production team of several other artists' recordings. He also co-wrote Jon Bon Jovi's "Blaze Of Glory" for the Young Guns II soundtrack, and also worked with Celine Dion and Chantal Condor, among others.

He was signed to Bon Jovi's label Jambco Records and released BLOOD ON THE BRICKS in '91. He called on Bon Jovi to co-produce the record, who, along with Nova and Jim Vallance, co-wrote many of the tracks. The album was stripped of all pretentious production, and relied on a series of slick songs with raw flare, such as in the title track, "Medicine Man," and "Modern World." "This Ain't Love" also showcased his penchant for writing the tender ballad. A greatest hits package called A PORTRAIT OF ALDO NOVA was released that same year.

He returned with NOVA'S DREAM on BMG Records in '97. Predominately an electronic instrumental album with some vocal effects and a variety of choirs, it seemed to be for himself, rather than the record buying public. Unlike his other records, it didn't feature co-writers, but contained some of his most interesting works to date - including "My Soul To Keep," "Dreamwalk," "Pressure Cooker" and "Freedom."

He again dropped out of the limelight, not even touring to support NOVA'S DREAM, again choosing instead to work behind the scenes with other artists, including co-writing CLay Aiken's "This Is The Night" in 2003. Portrait dusted off his old catalogue and released THE BEST OF ALDO NOVA in 2006, which featured 15 tracks distributed evenly between his debut, SUBJECT and TWITCH.

A year later Acadia Records released another compilation - UNDER THE GUN - A PORTRAIT OF ALDO NOVA. Again, not quite a 'best of' collection, the two disc compilation featured the entire first two records, a remix of "Foolin' Yourself," and five tracks from TWITCH.

In 2010 he released the album TOO MUCH SEX. -

- Handled by BLUE ÖYSTER CULT and BLACK SABBATH manager Sandy Pearlman multi instrumentalist and Montreal native ALDO NOVA (real name Aldo Scarporuscio) debuted with an album put together almost entirely by his own efforts. Contributing session musicians for the album, which broke the US Billboad top ten, were bassist Michael Pelo, keyboard player Denis Chartland and drummer Michel LaChapelle. Nova, on tour in America as opener to SAMMY HAGAR, UFO, CHEAP TRICK and BLUE ÖYSTER CULT watched his debut album soar into the American charts boosted by the top thirty single 'Fantasy'.

Nova also contributed songwriting and sessions to BLUE ÖYSTER CULT's 1983 record 'The Revolution By Night' and LITA FORD's 1984 'Dancing On The Edge'. Nova also paid back some favours to his engineers Tony Bongiovi and Barry Bongiovi by appearing on ORPHAN's 1985 record and helping out a family member with his new act BON JOVI. This was one favour that would help Nova considerably in his later career.

The second album, a loose conceptual piece titled 'Subject', found veteran drummers JET RED's Billy Carmassi and RAINBOW and HALL & OATES skinsman Chuck Burgi contributing. Kevin Carlson adds guitar and bass is courtesy of a pre BOSTON and GIUFFRIA David Sikes, BLACKJACK and MEAT LOAF man Steve Buslowe and Neal Jason.

1983's 'Twitch' has no less a figure than MICHAEL BOLTON on backing vocals as well as Fiona Flanagan (better known as FIONA), later to become a star in her own right as FIONA. BALANCE's Peppy Castro also contributes. Anton Fig, known for his KISS sessions, provides the drums along with ALICE COOPER man Allan Schwartzberg whilst guitars come from Lennie Petze and Paul Kayan.

Nova backed out of the limelight for many years although he did add guitar to JON BON JOVI's 'Blaze Of Glory' solo album and APRIL WINE guitarist BRIAN GREENWAY's 'Serious Business' in 1988. Paradoxically Nova's ensuing years spent in legal wrangling with his former record company were to be the man's most successful as he nurtured as producer and songwriter the Canadian Pop songstress CELINE DION!

Nova made a return in 1991 at the instigation of JON BON JOVI for the 'Blood On The Bricks' album. The album saw contributions from guitarist Steve Segal, JOURNEY bassist Randy Jackson, keyboard player Greg Mathieson and drummer Kenny Aronoff. Segal later joined APRIL WINE. Of note would be track 'Hey Ronnie (Veronica's Song)', re-worked by MESSAGE and re-branded 'Hey Johnny' included on their 1998 ALDO NOVA co-produced album 'Fine Line'.

Nova put down guitar on JON BON JOVI's 'Destination Anywhere' solo album and also issued his next album, the eclectic 'Nova's Dream'. The record found the man in adventurous mood featuring Indian instruments, African voices and Gregorian chanting. Family members Layla, Matthew and Nancy also aided.

The Lemon label re-issued 'Blood On The Bricks' in 2004, splashing the legend "Featuring JON BON JOVI" across the cover. -

- Canadian guitarist Aldo Nova (born Aldo Caporuscio in Montreal) was a relatively late bloomer musically, not learning how to play the instrument until he was 15. However, inspired by the playing of Jimi Hendrix and with a keen interest in jazz, Nova worked obsessively to master the instrument (along with keyboards) and became a hometown hero in the local clubs. While playing George Harrison in a production of Beatlemania, he worked after hours as a studio engineer and a 1982 publishing deal led to his signing with Portrait Records. Given the luxury of producing himself, Nova's debut that summer contained songs that he had recorded over the previous several years. The self-titled release was a surprise success, selling over a million copies in the U.S. and reaching the Top Ten, driven by the blistering "Fantasy," which not only found favor at AOR stations, but, bolstered by MTV's support of the video, also peaked on the pop charts at number 25. When Nova issued the follow-up, Subject...Aldo Nova, a year later, there was increased emphasis on synthesizers and it featured more ballads, although the lone track to make inroads at radio was the anti-drug anthem "Monkey on Your Back," which was as heavy as anything on his debut. Despite that song receiving significant airplay on rock stations, the set's single, "Always Be Mine," was a commercial failure and Subject struggled to achieve gold status. Nova found himself in demand as a player and writer, though, during this period, working with artists such as Blue Öyster Cult, Michael Bolton, and Lita Ford. Pressured by his label to use outside writers and musicians (he had handled almost every aspect of his previous efforts), Twitch was virtually ignored upon its 1985 release, failing to chart and receiving little attention from radio. It would be six years before Nova returned with Blood on the Bricks, a record released on Jon Bon Jovi's Jambco imprint (Nova had appeared on his multi-platinum Young Guns II soundtrack). However, in the face of a changing musical landscape (grunge had made Nova's style of metal-pop less relevant), it too vanished quickly. Epic culled together the best of his first three releases, releasing a fine career overview with A Portrait of Aldo Nova in 1992 and Nova returned with Nova's Dream five years later. -

- Aldo Nova (born Aldo Caporuscio on November 13, 1956) is a Canadian guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer. Nova initially gained fame with his self-titled debut album Aldo Nova in 1982 which climbed to Billboard's number 8 position, and its accompanying single, "Fantasy," which climbed to number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Signing with Portrait Records, Nova released a self-produced album Aldo Nova in 1982 that had two singles: "Fantasy" and "Foolin' Yourself". His second album Subject...Aldo Nova from 1983 had two singles: "Monkey on Your Back" and "Always Be Mine". His third album Twitch from 1985 had two singles: "Rumours of You" and "Tonite (Lift Me Up)". Nova was displeased with the album and the record company's insistence on making a more commercial album. After supporting the Twitch album Nova asked to be released from his contract, which the record company would not do. Nova decided to move to Montreal and work on jingles, waiting for his contract to expire in 1991, stating he would not work on an album he didn't have full creative control over.[citation needed] In 1990, Aldo Nova wrote the main guitar riff that would be used in the Jon Bon Jovi song "Blaze Of Glory". In 1991, to return the favour, Bon Jovi worked with Nova on his Jambco Records (Jon Bon Jovi's label) release Blood on the Bricks. It had three singles: "Blood on the Bricks", "Medicine Man", and "Someday". In addition, he produced some early Celine Dion albums. He co-wrote the hit song, "A New Day Has Come" for Dion, and has been featured playing guitar, synthesizer, and percussion on her records. He also wrote her songs "Your Light" and "I Can't Fight the Feelin'", "You and I" (which was used as Hillary Clinton's Campaign song and as the Air Canada theme song). He co-wrote the Blue Öyster Cult song "Take Me Away".

In 1996, he received a Grammy Award as producer for Celine Dion's "Falling into You" for Album of the Year. In 1997, he released the much acclaimed, mostly instrumental album, Nova's Dream, which featured a different side of his talents as a musician writer. The album is considered by his fans as one of his best alongside his eponymous debut and Subject. He co-wrote the Latin Grammy nominated song "Aqui" for the Chilean rock group La Ley on the album Uno. He also co-wrote and co-produced 4 other tracks on that album, which later that year won a Grammy for best Latin/Alternative/Rock Album.

As a songwriter, Nova's hits include Clay Aiken's "This Is The Night" (co-written with Chris Braide and Gary Burr), which in the US was a number one hit and the best selling single of 2003. He was also the only writer to have written or co-written 5 songs on Celine Dion's Taking Chances album.

In 2003, Nova received an International Achievement Award at the SOCAN Awards in Toronto for co-writing the Celine Dion song "A New Day Has Come". -

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