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Origin: New York (USA)

Shelter Billy Messinetti - Peter Valentine - Joe Lamente (aka Joe Lamont) - Carl Bova - Russ De Salvo
Billy Messinetti - Peter Valentine - Joe Lamente (aka Joe Lamont) - Carl Bova - Russ De Salvo

Shelter [First stop - 1983] aor melodic rock music blogspot full albums bandsFirst stop - 1983


- Featuring ex-STEEPLECHASE vocalist Joe Lamente, the singer had quit the New York based band to hook up with the Polydor signed SHELTER, a band enjoying better financial backing but not that far greater success than his previous group. Following ther inevitable break up of SHELTER Lamente adopted the easier to pronounce surname of Lamont upon signing a solo deal with the CBS affiliated Private-I label. Joe released a solo album, 'Secrets You Keep' in 1985.

Not to be confused with the later New York Skacore SHELTER. -

- Shelter are a band with a definite paid-up parking spot here at GLORY-DAZE. It is a wonder (and a shame) that they have not been mentioned previously in our hallowed halls. Hopefully this article will put paid to that oversight. One guy who hasn't been ignored is the acclaimed singer Joe Lamente (aka Joe Lamont). Joe, prior to Shelter had stints with other well-known outfits from the 70's/80's era: namely Spy, and Steeplechase. The latter band released their tremendous debut back in 1981 on their own label Big City Records. Because Steeplechase failed to make it out of the minor leagues (so to speak), Joe moved on. Within a year he had hooked up with the above named musicians to form Shelter, and though they were signed to a big label in Polygram, this album seems to have slipped the radar of many. -

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  1. Joe Lamente isn't the same Joe Lamont. They're are different singers.


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