Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Glass Tiger [The thin red line - 1986]

Glass Tiger [The thin red line - 1986]

Origin: Newmarket, Ontario (Canada)

Glass Tiger [The thin red line - 1986] aor melodic rock music blogspot full albums bands lyrics

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Alan Frew - Vocals
Al Connelly - Guitar
Wayne Parker - Bass
Michael Hanson - Drums, backing vocals
Sam Reid - Keyboards

Additional musicians:

Keith Scott - Guitar
Doug Edwards - Bass
Jim Vallance - Keyboards, backing Vocals
Chase Sanborn - Horns
Charles Gray - Horns
Russ Little - Horns
David Pickell - Harmonica
Marc Lafrance - Backing vocals
Paul Janz - Backing vocals
Bryan Adams - Backing vocals
Lisa DalBello - Backing vocals
Sharon Lee Williams - Backing vocals


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