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Origin: Memphis, Tennessee (USA)

Susanne Jerome Taylor - Pat Taylor drama
Susanne Jerome Taylor - Pat Taylor

Drama [Scene from a distance - 1985] aor melodic rock music blogspot full albums bands lyricsScene from a distance - 1985


- Drama were effectively, the duo of Suzanne and Pat Taylor. This outfit were previously known as The Breaks, an RCA signed band that released an album during the early eighties. The duo hail from Memphis Tennessee, and unusually, sound nothing like any band coming out of this southern locale. The pairing instead delve into hi-tech pop in the vein of Wild Blue, Cock Robin, Scandal, Delta.. bands of that ilk. Their one-off album 'Scene From A Distance' is a real victim of the eighties decade, all the way from the song arrangements to the wardrobe. Drama also include a healthy backline of guests, including fellow Memphis resident Jack Holder, previously seen with Black Oak Arkansas and Cobra.

Everything you ever remembered about hi-tech recordings from the eighties is bought home to roost on opener 'Paralyse'. The vocals of Suzanne Taylor straddling somewhere between Lee Aaron and Teri De Sario. It's AOR all the way on the rather tasty 'Mind Over Matter', the guitar strut and synth layers all striking a pose. Similarly, 'Moment To Moment' is an extension of that previous track.. fine by me. The first ballad 'Why Did Forever Have To End' has all the trademarks required for radio, a gorgeous track nonetheless. 'Street Life' is a punchy/quirky effort while the racy 'Heartache After Heartache' gives the ol' metronome a good workout. 'I Would Rush To Your Love' is similar to stuff you would've heard on De Barge's very good 'Rhythm Of The Night', more west coast than anything else. 'Perfect Crime' is pitch-perfect AOR, nearly too perfect actually.. while 'Static' demonstrates Drama's quirky style a la Michael Sembello.. a flair for the dramatic perhaps? The closer 'Here Comes Love' is a carbon-copy of Cock Robin's pleasant style of AOR, a nice way to finish up.

A good likeable album, no real weaknesses that I can detect. The album is given a healthy production job by Elliott Scheiner (MTB, Aerosmith etc) which makes for a fun listen. The only problem is, the likelihood of this being released on CD is pretty rare. However, we've had much success with re-releases into the digital realm, we add yet another contender. For those who like female fronted AOR/pop, then Drama is worth a listen. -

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