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Michael Sembello [Without walls - 1986]

Michael Sembello [Without walls - 1986]

Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)

Michael Sembello [Without walls - 1986] aor melodic rock music blogspot full albums bands lyrics


Michael Sembello - Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Bud Rizzo - Guitar, backing vocals
Steve Rippley - Guitar
Richard Rudolph - Bass
Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums
Carlos Vega - Drums
Ron Powell - Percussion
Steve Porcaro - Synthesizers
Dennis Matkosky - Synthesizers
Bobby Caldwell - Synthesizers, backing vocals
Casey Young - Keyboards
Danny Sembello - Keyboards, bass synthesizers, backing vocals
Randy Waldman - Keyboards, trumpet, flugelhorn, backing vocals
David Boruff - Saxophone
Herb Alpert - Trumpet
Bill Reichenbach - Horns
Chuck Findley - Horns
Gary Grant - Horns
Larry Williams - Horns
Lew McCreary - Horns
Tata Vega - Vocals
Cruz Sembello - Backing vocals
Stevie Wonder - Harmonica, backing vocals
Alice Martini - Backing vocals
Bob DiMarco - Backing vocals
Bruce Gaish - Backing vocals
Jena Raye Mendez - Backing vocals
Kim DiMarco - Backing vocals
Kimiko Kasai - Backing vocals
Marilyn Scott - Backing vocals
Mark Hudson - Backing vocals


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