Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Aina: A love-forever story [lyrics]

Aina: A love-forever story [lyrics]


A love-forever story

I thought was a losing game
Touch the fire and you kill the flame
Look for rainbows only find the rain

I've lived life in minor key
A sad song out of harmony
You changed the music so suddenly
Now you're here to stay
And forever's just a heartbeat away

A love-forever story
Is written in your eyes
A tale of paradise
Your heart is telling mine
A love-forever story
Is living in your arms
Right here where I belong
A love-forever, love-forever story

My heart was always on the run
Afraid of endings before they'd begun
You showed me how to face the sun
Make each moment shine
Leave the shadows and heartaches behind


When you touch me like this
I can feel the air catch fire
Burning bright through the night
Baby we can fly, we can touch the sky


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