Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Beau Geste

Origin: Montreal/Quebec (Canada)



Another night in the city - 1986


- From the French Canadian side of the tracks come these mapleleaf mayhem merchants called Beau Geste. Essentially, this is Bryan Hughes plus hangers-on, and it's garnered a bit of a classic AOR reputation since those heady days of the eighties. And you know what? They'd be right. This is Beau Geste's second album, their debut coming out four years earlier in 1982 and sung in French of all things! They pay homage to all things Anglais this time around so we know what they're on about. I suppose the nearest comparison would be a guy like Aldo Nova, but the keyboards on this baby are set to a few degrees just off the 'stun' level. Killer stuff. If you like that pompy/parpy keyboard sound a la Thrills, or a bit of melodic rock agression not heard since Icon's 'Night Of The Crime', then Beau Geste just may do it for you, I jest you not. Bryan's vocals lie somewhere between Carl Dixon and Jeff Cannata, so you know it's gonna be melodic. -


- Slick, smooth AOR band BEAU GESTE delivered a 1982 debut record sung entirely in French. BEAU GESTE's second album 'Another Night In The City' found the band using the song-writing skills of ALDO NOVA. After the band folded guitarist Bryan Hughes created his own unit for an album credited to THE BRYAN HUGHES GROUP. -


- The pseudonym used by the exceptionally talented Canadian multi-instrumentalist Bryan Hughes. With the aid of session musicians he recorded Another Night In The City in 1986. It served as a tribute to Hughes’ technical and artistic capabilities, seeing him assume responsibility for writing the material and contributing vocals, bass, keyboards and guitar parts. However, the end result was less than impressive, a melodic AOR album lacking both character and real energy. -


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