Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Beau Geste [Another night in the city - 1986]

Beau Geste  [Another night in the city - 1986]

Origin: Montreal/Quebec (Canada)

Beau Geste Another night in the city 1986

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Bryan Hughes - Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Rick Rice - Guitar
Nick Prigino - Bass
John McDiarmid - Keyboards
Rod McManus - Keyboards
Dave Edmead - Keyboards
Asher Fisher - Drums
Ciro Devito - Drums


1.Take These Chains  
2.Catch the Fire  
3.Don't Go  
4.Running from Your Heart  
5.Still of the Night  
6.Another Night in the City  
7.Strong Tonight  
8.Heartbreak City  
9.No More Heroes  
10.Shadows on the Moon  

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