Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lisa Nemzo: I can't stop [lyrics]

Lisa Nemzo: I can't stop [lyrics]

Lisa Nemzo

I can't stop

I don't want to break up your happy home
You don't want to lose what you've got
I know that you'll never be all my own
But it's hard to cool off when you're hot

There's something between us we can't deny
But we mustn't let anyone know
I know why we're always saying goodbye
We're afraid of how far it might go

I can't stop, I can't keep us apart
I can't stop, you're so deep in my heart
I can't stop, 'cause whenever I try
I can't stop the tears I cry

I ought to feel guilty and break away
And I ought to feel sorry we met
But I'm just a little ashamed to say
That I don't have a single regret

I wish just once you could stay the night
'Cause without you the night is so long
I want to be someone who does what's right
But I know what I'm doing is wrong


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