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Lisa Nemzo

Origin: Newport, Rhode Island (USA)

Lisa Nemzo
Lisa Nemzo

Lisa Nemzo [Tough girls can be pretty - 1985] aor melodic rock music blogspot full albums bands lyricsTough girls can be pretty - 1985 (with lyrics)


- Originally from Newport, RI, recording artist Lisa Nemzo is known for her show stopping, over-the-neck harmonic 12-string guitar solos. Highly regarded by fellow musicians, she has released eight CD's, three on German label Metronome/Polygram, garnering worldwide fans. Nemzo's catalog of charted songs includes:

"Walking on Ice", "I Don't Wanna' Fool With Love", "Hard for a Girl Like Me"(Europe) "Hot Summer Nights"-hit song for Harvey Mason / Lee Ritenour's "Stone Mason"- "Stayin' With It" a Tom Snow hit song, duet with Rick Roberts/Firefall- "Feel the Night" duet with Baxter Robertson in Karate Kid- "Short Cut," hit single on "Here's to Love" & "Greatest Hits" by Tanya Tucker.

Lisa's project 'Arlington' is a song and short film based on the true story of a young serviceman who died defending our country. His mother drives to Arlington National Cemetery to visit his grave. The song and film is a call to action to help our fallen and wounded warriors and their families. "Arlington" won Best Merit Award 2012 for Best Music Video/ACCOLADE FILM FESTIVAL La Jolla, CA. Visit the website HERE to find out why the Washington Post called this video and song: "An Anthem for Our Generation".

"Restless Soul" Lisa's title track for her CD "Restless Soul" was featured on Vol 8 Fast Folk CD and was entered into the Smithsonian Institute representing the best of folk music from the 1990's. It was featured in the documentary "Bear Down" included songs from Melissa Etheridge and Jewell.

Lisa's CD, "Unlock My Heart," (Dream Wild Records) was culled from her catalogue of over 400 self-penned songs. The album is a renaissance of romantic edged tunes with catchy melodies and infectious riffs. "Hidden Message" Call to Arts! Winner: Lisa Nemzo: For Vision and Imagination.

The lead single and video, "Reach," won Best Environmental Music Video of 2009, from Green Screen Environmental Film Festival & Salon.

During her celebrated career, Lisa toured with artists Bonnie Raitt, Heart, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, Christopher Cross, Firefall, and Hall and Oates, just to name a few. -


- Lisa Nemzo is the real deal. No agendas, rocked right out of the box and into your soul. Nemzo is in the vanguard of female artists who not only sing and write songs, but are also masters of their instrument. Lisa's been compared to Paula Cole, Heart, Melissa Etheridge, Sarah McLaughlin and Howie Day. Her clear sultry vocals and a driving hypnotic guitar style will leave you mesmerized.

Nemzo's known for her show stopping, over-the-neck harmonic 12-string guitar solos. Raw emotion drives her guitar grooves, haunting melodies and poignant lyrics. Each song takes you on a journey into the depths and heights of love, life and experiences we've all been through but often don't talk about.

Over four years in the making, "Unlock My Heart" was culled from over 350 songs written by Nemzo. The album is a renaissance of romantic edged tunes with catchy melodies and infectious riffs. It is a 16-course, multi-layered musical journey that lures you in, then captures you and compels you to listen over and over.

Highly regarded by her fellow musicians, Lisa's been a well-kept secret to many American audiences. Three records released in Germany, on Metronome/Polygram, the Netherlands, Japan, and Australia, kept her on tour, making videos, and thrilling fans all over the world. Her songs have been featured on video and European television. Three independent CD releases demonstrate Lisa's versatile songwriting in styles of soulful electro-acoustic rock and pop.

Her catalog of charted songs includes: "Walking on Ice," "Hard For a Girl Like Me," "I Don't Wanna' Fool With Love," "Hot Summer Nights"--a hit song for Harvey Mason and Lee Ritenour's "Stone Mason"--and "Short Cut, " a single on "Here's to Love" and "Greatest Hits" by Tanya Tucker. Lisa Nemzo has also toured with Bonnie Raitt, Heart, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, Christopher Cross, Hall and Oates and many other artists.

A consummate professional, Nemzo produced and arranged this body of work, sang and played guitars and keyboards. "Unlock My Heart" demonstrates Lisa's depth and power and live show energy, with a band of wicked hot musicians from LA and Nashville. Bass: Dave Pomeroy (Elton John, Tricia Yearwood); Electric Guitar: Michael Durham (Dave Matthews) and Bruce Michael Miller; Keyboards: Catherine Styron Marx; Percussion: Debra Dobkin (Shawn Colvin, Richard Thompson); Drums: Billy Thomas (Vince Gill, Little River Band). Final track, #16, "Bad Seed," a tragic saga of an American family gone wrong, features Karl Werne on lead guitar, lightning out of a bottle, from Big Wide Grin.

With the lead-off single and video "Reach", Lisa's music is making its way to Internet radio and a summer/fall tour. The "Reach" video, inspires hope, community, and making the world a better place, and was produced by former Heart manager Ken Kinnear. -


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