Friday, April 11, 2014

Robin Beck [Trouble or nothing - 1989]

Robin Beck  [Trouble or nothing - 1989]

Origin: New York (USA)

Robin Beck Trouble or nothing 1989


Robin Beck - Vocals
John McCurry - Guitar
Steve Lukather - Guitar
Ira Siegel - Guitar
Jeff Miranov - Guitar
Guy Mann-Dude - Guitar, backing vocals
Seth Glassman - Bass
Hugh McDonald - Bass
Bobby Chouinard - Drums
Steve Ferrone - Drums
Gavin Spencer - Drums
Chuck Kentis - Keyboards
David Garfield - Keyboards
Greg Mangiafico - Keyboards
Robbie Kondor - Keyboards
Alan St. Jon - Organ
Brandon Fields - Saxophone
Brad Parker - Backing vocals
Paul Stanley - Backing vocals
Richard T. Bear - Backing vocals


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2. Don't Lose Any Sleep lyrics
3. If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man) lyrics
4. Hold Back the Night lyrics
5. Save Up All Your Tears lyrics
6. In a Crazy World Like This lyrics
7. Tears in the Rain lyrics
8. A Heart for You
9. Sleeping With the Enemy
10. First Time lyrics

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