Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Michael McDonald: Bad times [lyrics]

Michael McDonald: Bad times [lyrics]

Michael McDonald

Bad times

I met a man standing on the street today
Through his eyes, this world looked so grim
As if we all don't know just what it's like
When the rain falls down and the lightning strikes

But then girl, I've been runnin' most of my life
And I've been around long enough to learn
That one man's blue sky is another man's rain
And no matter what is in it for me, I only know for him

These are bad times
These are real bad times
These are sad times
These are bad times

I know we each bear the brunt of our lies
But not until the spirit sinks so low
Does a man start to feel all alone
And when he turns his back on trust
Then they've only just begun


Oh, I can see there ain't much good left to save
If all we have, we let time erase
But I can still make the blues fade away
Till all I see is your sweet face


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