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Ya Ya

Origin: (England)

Ya Ya Lea Hart - Ray Callcut - Graham Garrett - Terry Stevens
Lea Hart - Ray Callcut - Graham Garrett - Terry Stevens

Scarred - 1984 (with lyrics)
Ya Ya [II - 1988] aor melodic rock music blogpot full albums bandsII - 1988 (with lyrics)


- YA YA was originally known as THE LEA HART BAND and founded by their namesake who had been frontman for THE ROLL UPS. As a solo artist previous to that, Hart had supported JUDAS PRIEST on their 1978 British tour. YA YA, completed by guitarist Ray Callcut and ex-PANACHE members bassist Terry Stevens and drummer Graham Garrett, was born after THE LEA HART BAND opted for a name change following a tour of India and the far east. The band signed to North American label Scotti Bros. The debut sees session appearances from JOAN JETT bassist Jeff Peters and noted keyboard player Nick Coler.

YAYA scored a major coup by having three songs included on the film soundtrack to 'Revenge Of The Nerds'.A 7" single, featuring YA UYA's 'Don't Talk', was paired as a split release on Scotti Bros. with REVENGE's 'They're So Incredible', produced by Lea Hart, in 1984.

Progress was such that Warner Bros. snapped up the band but not before Hart was fired for apparently "being too Rock n' Roll". Hart subsequently formed the short-lived DESTROYER in 1988 with ex-TANK guitarist Cliff Evans, then fronted FASTWAY before finding a career as a successful producer and manager of PAUL DIANNO.

A second album did finally emerge, with ex-SAMSON vocalist Sam Blewitt, but was withdrawn almost immediately and so is very scarce.

Calcutt is now a renowned session player as well as forming part of the notorious ad hoc live band LEND US A QUID alongside FOREIGNER and BAD COMPANY bassist Rick Wills and BAD COMPANY guitarist Dave Colwell.

Blewitt, now known as Sam Blue, later fronted ULTRAVOX and appears as guest vocalist on TEN guitarist Vinny Burn's 1999 solo album 'The Journey'. Later years found Hart operating as manager for PAUL DIANNO. -

- This second album from the delightfully named Ya Ya (is that yes yes in Scottish?), was a case of the immediately disappearing record! Akin to that other legendary Scottish item of yesteryear (i.e the Loch Ness Monster), 'Ya Ya II' is just about as scarce in appearance, that many people believe the thing never came out at all! Well, I can inform you all that yes, the album did come out, poked it's head out of the ground like a mole for about one minute, then submerged again. Let's wind the clock back a bit. Ya Ya the band, was actually formed by Lea Hart. The lineup originally called the Lea Hart Band, was completed by guitarist  Ray Callcut, and the rhythm section of Stevens and Garrett, both ex members of the band Panache. After a tour of the Far East, the band became Ya Ya, and soon after signed with the US based  Scotti Brothers label. No small achievement for a British band at the time. The 1984 album 'Scarred' is in itself a hard-to-find record, but musically it is right up there alongside the likes of Airrace, Virginia Wolf etc, as an excellent example of commercial British melodic hard rock. The band also appeared on the 'Revenge Of The Nerds' soundtrack.. not bad for a newcomers.  However, things soured slightly, when leader Lea Hart departed, he soon joined up with ex Motorhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clark to be part of Fastway. Hear him on the fantastic 'On Target' album! -

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