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Shadow King

Origin: Los Angeles (USA)

Shadow King Lou Gramm - Kevin Valentine - Vivian Campbell - Bruce Turgon
Lou Gramm - Kevin Valentine - Vivian Campbell - Bruce Turgon

Shadow King [st - 1991] aor melodic rock music blogspot full albums bands lyricsst - 1991 (with lyrics)


- Shadow King was a hard rock supergroup. Formed by former Foreigner lead singer Lou Gramm, former Sweet Savage, Dio, Whitesnake, Riverdogs, (currently Def Leppard) guitarist Vivian Campbell, Lou Gramm's former Black Sheep and then future Foreigner bandmate bass player Bruce Turgon, and drummer Kevin Valentine.

Vivian Campbell and Bruce Turgon both also played with Lou Gramm as a solo artist previous to Shadow King, with Vivian playing on Long Hard Look, and Bruce playing on Ready or Not and Long Hard Look.

They released a self-titled album in 1991. Although plans were made for a tour, they performed only once, at the Astoria Theatre in London, England, on December 13, 1991. Rick Seratte (Whitesnake, Foreigner, Poco, Rick Springfield) joined the band for this performance with backup vocals and playing keyboards. Shortly afterward, Vivian Campbell announced he was leaving Shadow King to join Def Leppard. Although replacements were considered, the band members eventually went their separate ways, with Gramm and Turgon rejoining Foreigner in 1992.

Reportedly, Lou Gramm guested with Def Leppard on stage in 1992, shortly after Vivian Campbell joined Def Leppard.

Shadow King only had one official studio release, their 1991 eponymous debut album. Although Gramm, Turgon, and Campbell contributed the song "One Dream" to the Highlander II: The Quickening soundtrack in 1991, the track was officially credited to The Lou Gramm Band.

Shadow King released their self-titled debut album on October 1, 1991 for Atlantic Records. The album was produced by Keith Olsen, who had previously worked with Gramm when he produced Foreigner's Double Vision. The album produced only one single, "I Want You", as well as a music video for the song before they would disband the next year.

All songs written by Lou Gramm and Bruce Turgon except where noted. -


- Shadow King was a short-lived arena rock/hard rock band that was led by Foreigner vocalist Lou Gramm. When Gramm (born May 2, 1950, Rochester, NY) formed Shadow King in 1991, he was taking a leave of absence from the multi-platinum Foreigner. The singer had been doing well as a solo artist -- his 1989 solo outing Long Hard Look was a big hit -- and it was unclear whether or not he would be singing with Foreigner again. Sounding a lot like Foreigner, Shadow King consisted of Gramm on lead vocals, Vivian Campbell on guitar, Kevin Valentine on drums, and Bruce Turgon on bass. Shadow King was hardly the first time that Gramm and Turgon had worked with each other -- back in Gramm's pre-Foreigner days, they played together in a '70s band called Black Sheep (which shouldn't be confused with the East Coast rap group). Gramm was with Black Sheep until 1976, first as its drummer and then as its lead singer; that year, he left Black Sheep (which recorded a few albums for Capitol) to become Foreigner's lead singer. Reunited in Shadow King, Gramm and Turgon became songwriting partners -- together, they co-wrote most of the material on Shadow King's self-titled debut album, which Atlantic released in 1991. Shadow King's first album turned out to be its last; by 1994, Graham was back with Foreigner -- and Shadow King was history. -


- Shadow King without doubt are an AOR'sters 'dream team'. All of these guys are well known from previous outfits, but I suppose the core of this fruition stemmed from the 'Long Hard Look' sessions of Lou Gramm's second album two years prior. Elsewhere though, Gramm and Turgon's musical relationship goes way back into the seventies with the NY band Black Sheep. Since those heady years though, Gramm found fame with Foreigner, while Turgon moved out West and made his name with L.A heavy metallers Warrior, as well as being an accomplished songwriter. Campbell of course came from Dio and the late eighties edition of Whitesnake, while Valentine has a reputation as one of the mid-west's best drummers, working with both Donny Iris and the shortlived The Innocent. The melding of these four talents results in a unique sound. Not exactly comparable to any band in particular, but classy and professional sounding throughout. Gramm's vocals are as aggressive as per usual, while the guitar histrionics of Campbell are restrained. When the opportunity to let loose is provided, he does so with applomb. Keith Olsen's production is spacious allowing Campbell to layer his guitars with room to move, while Valentine's drums are 'big' sounding and crisp!

'What Would It Take' kicks off the album with some stop/start passages, before settling down to some great melodic rock. 'Anytime Anywhere' as the name suggests, lays down a musical challenge to the listener, daring one to turn it up loud. Elsewhere, there are some beautiful moments, like the awesome 'This Heart Of Stone' (check out Campbell's killer solo), the anthemic power of 'Boy', or the mood bound pairing of 'Once Upon A Time' and 'Don't Even Know I'm Alive'. You can chuck in the restrained power of 'No Mans Land' and the poignant ballad 'Russia' as other tracks to catch your ear.

It's unfortunate that the album didn't fair well at the box office, and it's not because it was bad or anything. I suspect the average rock audience didn't quite know what to make of it upon release, as it does have a different and unique quality to it. Since then of course, Gramm returned to front Foreigner taking Turgon along with him for the ride, while Campbell replaced the late Steve Clark in Def Leppard. In 2005 Turgon released a solo effort 'Outside Looking In' which could've been Shadow King II' - judging from the sound of it. Turgon followed this up in 2007 with a joint project with singer Phillip Bardowell. -


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