Sunday, January 28, 2018

Hughes & Thrall [st - 1982]

Hughes & Thrall [st - 1982]

Origin: Los Angeles (USA)

Hughes & Thrall [st - 1982] aor melodic rock music blogspot full albums bands lyrics

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Glenn Hughes - Vocals, bass
Pat Thrall - Guitar

Additional musicians:

Gary Ferguson - Drums
Frankie Banali - Drums
Gary Mallaber - Drums
Peter Schless - Keyboards


1. I Got Your Number lyrics
2. The Look in Your Eye lyrics
3. Beg, Borrow, or Steal lyrics
4. Where Did the Time Go lyrics
5. Muscle and Blood lyrics
6. Hold Out Your Life lyrics
7. Who Will You Run To lyrics
8. Coast to Coast lyrics
9. First Step of Love lyrics

1 comment:

  1. Your Youtube channel is brilliant!

    I listened to this album after a very long time (I had it on cassette) and I had forgotten how amazing it was. Thanks for uploading the album.


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