Thursday, August 12, 2021

Airkraft [st- 1989]


Airkraft [st- 1989]

Origin: Eau Claire, Wisconsin (USA)

Airkraft [st - 1989] aor melodic rock music blogspot 80s lyrics


Dave Saindon - Vocals, guitar
Mitch "The V" Viegut - Guitar, backing vocals
Peter Phippen - Bass, backing vocals
"Gyro" - Drums, percussion
Jon Doughlas Dixon "Okoboji" - Keyboards, backing vocals


1. Thief in the night
2. Footsteps
3. Make believe
4. Rock city
5. Midnight confessions
6. One of a kind
7. Trapped in a barrier
8. Completely to you
9. Giving up on love

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