Monday, April 7, 2014

Musicians (F)

Farrell Morris - Percussion (Margaret Becker)
Felix Krish - Bass (Tommy Shaw, Charlie)
Felton Pilate - Keyboards (Worrall)
Fergie Frederiksen - Vocals (Le Roux)
Fernando Saunders - Bass (Kevin Raleigh)
Flash - Guitar (Adrenalin)
Francis Cosmo Migliaccio - Vocals, guitar (Orion the Hunter)
Frank Amato - Vocals, percussion (Beau Coup)
Frank Barbalace - Guitar (Wild Blue)
Frank Barnes - Bass (8084)
Frank Briggs - Drums, percussion (805)
Frank Mancano - Vocals (The Ladder)
Frank Stallone - Vocals, guitar (Frank Stallone)
Franke Previte - Vocals (Franke & The Knockouts)
Frankie Banali - Drums (Danny SpanosHughes & Thrall)
Frankie Sullivan - Guitar (SurvivorHeart)
Fred Mollin - Percussion (Stan Meissner)
Fred Neudert - Bass (Dominoe)
Fred Tackett - Guitar (Joe Lamont, Jesse Colin Young)
Freddie Von Gerber - Drums (Easy Action)
Freddie Washington - Bass (Bridge 2 Far)
Freddy Curci - Vocals (Alias, Sheriff)
Freddy Laurence - Guitar (China)
Frédéric "Smith" Guillemet - Bass (The Element)
Fritz Matzka - Drums (Jojo)

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