Sunday, April 6, 2014

Musicians (A)

Aaron Zigman - Synthesizers (Bridge 2 Far)
Ab Van Goor - Drums (Jimmy Martin and New Deal)
Abe LaMarca - Vocals, guitar (LaMarca)
Abe Speller - Drums (Fandango)
Adrian Belew - Drums, guitar synthesizer (The Ultraviolet)
Adrian Chornowol - Keyboards (Tim Feehan)
Adrian Lee - Keyboards, synthesizers (John Sloman, Stephen Bishop, Charlie
Ya Ya, Robin George)
Aina Olsen - Vocals (Aina)
A. J. Maday - Drums (Danny Spanos)
Al Connelly - Guitar (Glass Tiger)
Al Dellentash - Keyboards (China)
Al Fritsch - Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards (Drive She Said,  Benny Mardones)
Al McKay - Guitar (Bridge 2 Far)
Al Wotton/Wooten - Drums (Franke & The Knockouts)
Alan Frew - Vocals (Glass Tiger)
Alan Greene - Guitar (The Innocent)
Alan "Al" Greenwood - Keyboards (SPYSJoe Lynn Turner)
Alan Kelly - Drums (Shy)
Alan King - Vocals (Walk on fire)
Alan Krigger - Drums (Giuffria)
Alan Mansfield - Keyboards, guitar (Dragon)
Alan Marsh - Vocals (Shogun)
Alan Murphy - Guitar (John Sloman)
Alan Pasqua - Keyboards, synthesizers, piano, organ (Joe Lamont, Starship, Van Stephenson, Gregg Roliei-Ten, Glen Burtnick, Giant, Stan Bush)
Alan St. Jon - Organ (Robin Beck)
Alan Thompson - Keyboards (Strangeways)
Albert Lee - Guitar (Jimmy Harnen)
Albritton McClain - Bass (The Innocent)
Aldo Nova - Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, synthesizers (Michael Bolton, Greenway, Stone Soup, Aldo NovaDrive, She said)
Alex Acuña - Percussion (Benny Mardones)
Alex Douglas - Bass (Douglas)
Alex Lifeson - Guitar (Greenway)
Alex Machin - Vocals (Champion)
Alex Pertout - Percussion (Little River Band)
Allan St. John - Keyboards (Michael Bolton)
Allen Schwartzberg - Drums (Aldo Nova)
Alphonso Carey - Bass (All Sports Band)
Alvin Otto - Drums (Skagarack)
Amin Bahtia - Synthesizers, programming (Prototype)
Anatole Halinkovitch - Guitar, keyboards (The B'zz)
Anders Hansson - Guitar, drums, keyboards (West of Sunset)
Andi Turner - Guitar (Monro)
Andre Kunkel - Bass (Agent)
Andre Maquera - Guitar (8084)
Andreas Becker - Guitar (Max Carl)
Andreas Dietz - Guitar (No Credit Band)
Andres Guanco - Bass (Russ Irwin)
Andrew Chamberlain - Keyboards (Sharx)
Andrew Gold - All Instruments (John Warren)
Andrew G. Wilkins - Bass (Brian McDonald Group)
Andrew Johns - Keyboards (Boulevard)
Andy Calabrase - Keyboards (Jeff Cosco and Times Square)
Andy Clark - Keyboards (John Verity, Charlie)
Andy Clayburn - Guitar (Monro)
Andy Duncan - Drums, percussion (Atlantic, The Truth)
Andy Fraser - Vocals, bass (Andy Fraser)
Andy Kiely - Vocals, bass (Bystander)
Andy Newmark - Drums, percussion (Greenway, Scandal, Bill LaBounty, Balance)
Andy Shanahan - Keyboards (Roxus)
Andy Stewart - Keyboards (Moritz)
Andy Taylor - Guitar, vocals (Michael Des Barres)
Andy Thomas - Keyboards (John Miles)
Andy Van Evans - Guitar (Atlantic)
Andy Wells - Keyboards, drums (John Verity, Romeo's Daughter)
Andy Wrighton - Bass (Shogun)
Angelo Earle - Guitar (Worrall)
Angelo Rossi - Guitar (Pablo Cruise)
Angelo Vancheri - Drums (The Ultraviolet)
Angie Buchzyk - Vocals, keyboards (Dominoe)
Ann Wilson - Vocals (Randy Meisner, Heart)
Anthony Galante - Percussion (Glen Burtnick)
Anthony Harty - Bass (The Truth)
Anthony Lamontara - Drums (ISOM)
Anthony Lionessa - Guitar (Korea)
Anthony Marinelli - Synthesizers (Kenny Loggins)
Anthony "Tony Comparelli" Michaels - Vocals (Simon Chase)
Anton Evans - Bass (Stan Meissner)
Anton Fig - Drums (Henry Lee Summer, Chris Mancini, Aldo Nova)
Arko Bommer - Bass (1st Avenue)
Arne Flick - Drums (Ultranite)
Arno Hecht - Saxophone (Dan Hartman)
Arno Lucas - Percussion (Kevin Raleigh)
Arnold David Lanni - Guitar, keyboards (SheriffUrgent (Canada))
Art Wood - Drums, drum programming (Cindy Cruse, John O'Banion, Dan Hartman, Jesse Colin Young)
Arthur Barrow - Bass, keyboards, synthesizers (Eric Martin, New Frontier, Eddie Money, Gregg Rolie, Kenny Loggins)
Arthur "Rockin' A" Neilson - Guitar (Benny Mardones)
Asher Fisher - Drums (Beau Geste)
Asher Horowtiz - Guitar (Zahalan)
Ashley Mulford - Guitar (Zahalan, Champion)

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