Monday, April 7, 2014

Musicians (L)

Lanny Cordola - Guitar (Shout, Giuffria)
Larrie Londin - Drums, percussion (JourneySteve Perry)
Larry A. Greene - Vocals (Fortune)
Larry Baud - Vocals, keyboards (USA)
Larry Crew - Bass (Greg Guidry)
Larry Dawson - Keyboards, synthesizers, piano, organ (Fandango)
Larry Dent - Drums (Dreamer)
Larry Fast - Synthesizers (Michael Bolton)
Larry Hagopian - Keyboards (Outrider)
Larry Hall - Horns (Joseph Williams)
Larry Herbstritt - Guitar (Tony Sciuto)
Larry Klein - Bass, keyboards (Lisa Hartman, What if, Drama)
Larry Williams - Keyboards, synthesizers, saxophone, flute, bass (Joe LamontBridge 2 Far
Chris EatonStarshipRuss Taff, The Front, What if, Frank Stallone, Michael Sembello,
Kenny Loggins, Joseph WilliamsPeter Cupples)
Lars Eliasson - Drums, cymbals, drum programming (Ballard)
Lars Hanson - Guitar (Benny Mardones)
Lasse Hafreager - Hammond organ (Aina)
Lasse "Lars" Wellander - Guitar (Fingerprints, West of Sunset)
Laura Miller - Keyboards (Certain Circle)
Laurence Archer - Vocals, guitar (Laurence Archer)
Laurent Muller - Drums (Stand by)
Laurie Mansworth - Guitar (Airrace)
Lawrence Juber - Guitar (Michael Des Barres)
Lea Hart - Vocals, guitar (Ya Ya)
Lee Loughnane - Horn (Bill Champlin)
Lee Oliphant - Bass (Prototype)
Lee Robertson - Keyboards (She)
Lee Thornberg - Trombone, trumpet (Michael Des Barres)
Lee Townsend - Bass (The Ravyns)
Leif Johansen - Keyboards (Phenomena)
Leigh Foxx - Bass (Franke & The Knockouts)
Leigh Matty - Vocals (Romeo's Daughter)
Leland Sklar - Bass (Stan Bush)
Lener Gousetis - Synthesizers (Michael Furlong)
Lennie Petze - Guitar (Orion the Hunter, Aldo Nova)
Lenny Pickett - Saxophone (Don Johnson, Dragon)
Leo Larkin - Guitar (Winter's Reign)
Leo Leoni - Guitar (Forsale)
Leo Sullivan - Saxophone (Champion)
Leon Gaer - Bass (Jeff Cosco and Times Square, Cindy CruseMichael Thompson Band)
Leon Medica - Bass (Le Roux)
Leon Stevenson - Percussion (Garnett Ford)
Lequint "Duke" Jobe - Bass (Chris Mancini)
Lew McCreary - Trombone (Airplay, Michael Sembello)
Lisa Hartman - Vocals (Lisa Hartman)
Lisa Nemzo - Vocals, guitar, keyboards (Lisa Nemzo)
Livingston Brown - Bass (9th Street)
Liz Larin - Vocals (Rick Medlocke & Blackfoot)
Lloyd Landesman - Keyboards (Michael Bolton)
Lon Price - Saxophone (Le Roux, Drama)
Lonnie Warner - Keyboards (Magnum)
Lora Nannery - Vocals (Certain Circle)
Loren Robinson - Bass (Shout)
Lothar Krell - Keyboards (Jojo)
Lou Gramm - Vocals (Lou Gramm, Shadow King)
Lou Mandelli - Drums, percussion (Fandango)
Lou Nadeau - Vocals (Wrabit)
Lou Parente - Keyboards, percussion (The Ladder)
Lou Pomanti - Keyboards (Wrabit, Simon Chase, Bernie LaBarge, Cats can fly)
Lou Rosenthal - Drums, percussion (Export, 2am)
Louie Cossa - Keyboards (Dakota)
Louie Ferraro - Guitar (Cinema)
Louie Shelton - Guitar (Peter Cupples)
Louis Limpalaer - Bass (Stand by)
Louis Sedmak - Guitar (Tim Feehan)
Lubomira "Luba" Kowalchyk - Vocals (Luba)
Luis C. Conte - Percussion (Kenny Loggins)
Luis Jardim - Percussion (Ya Ya)
Luis Resto - Keyboards (Bobby Barth)
Luke Morley - Guitar (Terraplane)
Lute Warsitz - Bass (Forsale)

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