Sunday, April 6, 2014

Musicians (B)

B.E. Taylor - Vocals (B.E. Taylor Group)
Baard Svendsen - Keyboards (Stage Dolls)
Barriemore Barlow - Drums, percussion (John Miles)
Barry Fitzsimmons - Bass (Sharx)
Barry Goudreau - Guitar (Orion the Hunter)
Barry Keane - Drums (Dwayne Ford)
Barry Mann - Keyboards (Michael Bolton)
Barry Marshall - Saxophone (Cannata)
Barry McKeown - Guitar (Torino)
Bashiri Johnson - Percussion (Russ Irwin, Fury)
Beasley Drake - Drums (RIO)
Ben Benay - Guitar (Tony Sciuto)
Ben "Gramm" Grammatico - Drums, percussion, trumpet (Lou Gramm)
Ben Grammatico Jr. - Trumpet (Lou Gramm)
Ben Grosse - Keyboards, percussion (Rick Medlocke & Blackfoot)
Ben Visser - Guitar (Line)
Bengan Andersson - Drums (Peo)
Benny Mardones - Vocals (Benny Mardones)
Bernard Edwards - Bass (Distance)
Bernard Groinig - Guitar (Fahrenheit)
Bernie LaBarge - Vocals, guitar (Garnett Ford, Bernie LaBarge)
Bernie Marsden - Guitar (Alaska)
Bernie Pershey - Drums (Michael Thompson Band)
Bert Hermiston - Saxophone (Stan Meissner)
Bertrand Louis - Guitar (Stand by)
Beth Andersen - Vocals (John Warren)
Biff Hannon - Keyboards (Jeff Cosco and Times Square)
'Big Mac' - Drums (Worrall)
Bill Armstrong - Trumpet (Bill Champlin)
Bill Baumgart - Keyboards (Idle Cure)
Bill Beaudoin - Guitar (Greenway)
Bill Bodine - Bass (John O'Banion)
Bill Champlin - Vocals, guitar, keyboards (Bill Champlin, Don Johnson)
Bill Cuomo - Keyboards, synthesizers, piano, bass (Joe LamontStarshipTony Sciuto,
Jesse Colin Young, Steve Perry)
Bill Elliott - Keyboards, synthesizers, piano (Jack Wagner)
Bill Green - Drums (One)
Bill Harrower - Saxophone (John Farnham)
Bill Hoffman - Drums (Henry Paul Band)
Bill Kelly - Vocals, guitar (DakotaJimmy Harnen)
Bill LaBounty - Vocals (Bill LaBounty)
Bill Larose - Bass (Michael Breen)
Bill March - Bass (Beau Coup)
Bill Mattson - Vocals (Tangier)
Bill McHale - Bass (Dakota)
Bill McPherson - Saxophone (Van Zant)
Bill Meyers - Keyboards (Kevin Raleigh)
Bill Summers - Percussion (Michael Des Barres)
Bill Synair - Bass (Survivor)
Billy "Bo" Larkin - Vocals, keyboards (Winter's Reign)
Billy Carmassi - Drums (Aldo Nova)
Billy Chinnock - Vocals, guitar, keyobards, synthesizers, drums (Billy Chinnock)
Billy Crain - Guitar (Henry Paul Band)
Billy DeMartines - Vocals, keyboards (Streek)
Billy DiBlasi - Drums (Outrider)
Billy Elworthy - Guitar (Franke & The Knockouts)
Billy Germaney - Bass (She)
Billy Greer - Bass (Streets)
Billy Joe "B.J." Thomas - Vocals  (B.J. Thomas)
Bill Kossuth - Keyboards (Synch)
Billy Kristian - Bass (Night)
Billy Messinetti - Drums (Shelter)
Billy Milne - Drums (SPYS)
Billy Paul - Saxophone (Alaska)
Billy "Bill" Payne - Keyboards, piano (Eric MartinDan HartmanJesse Colin Young)
Billy Smiley - Percussion (Margaret Becker)
Billy Steele - Guitar (Steve Perry)
Billy Steinberg - Vocals, guitar (i-Ten)
Billy Sullivan - Guitar (Beau Coup)
Björn Boge - Bass (Jim Jidhed)
Björn Ström - Vocals, guitar, keyboards (Fingerprints, West of Sunset)
Blake Levinsohn - Piano, organ (Franke & The Knockouts)
Blayne Pierce - Keyboards (Cheater)
Bob Catley - Vocals (Magnum)
Bob Conti - Percussion (Joe Bruce & 2nd Avenue)
Bob Danyls - Bass, vocals (Fandango)
Bob Galvin - Keyboards (2am)
Bob Glaub - Bass (Journey, Paul Janz, Jesse Colin Young, Steve Perry)
Bob Halligan - Guitar (Michael Bolton)
Bob Hatton - Guitar (ISOM)
Bob Hayman - Guitar (The Koo)
Bob Henrit - Drums, percussion (Charlie)
Bob Jenkins - Drums (Lionheart)
Bob Johnson - Vocals (RPM)
Bob Kulick - Guitar (Michael Bolton, Balance)
Bob Marlette - Guitar, drums, keyboards, synthesizers (Gregg Rolie, China Sky, Andy Fraser,
Think Out Loud)
Bob Marshall - Bass (John Miles)
Bob Pelander - Keyboards, guitar (Michael Stanley Band)
Bob Press - Bass (Paul Janz)
Bob Pucci - Guitar, vocals (The Ultraviolet)
Bob Skeat - Bass, keyboards (Wildlife)
Bob Smart - Guitar (Agent)
Bob Somma - Guitar (Idle Cure)
Bob Tildesly - Trumpet (Tim Feehan)
Bob Wilson - Drums, percussion, synthesizers (The Front, What if)
Bobby Barth - Vocals, guitar (Bobby Barth)
Bobby Birch - Bass, saxophone (Fortune)
Bobby Caldwell - Keyboards, synthesizers (Michael Sembello, Think Out Loud)
Bobby Campo - Percussion (Le Roux)
Bobby Chouinard - Drums (Michael Bolton, Robin Beck)
Bobby Donati - Guitar (Billy Katt)
Bobby Economou - Drums (The Arrows)
Bobby Flynn - Vocals, guitar, keyboards (Boyfriend)
Bobby Guidotti - Drums (Night)
Bobby Ingram - Guitar (China Sky)
Bobby Lakind - Percussion (Honeymoon Suite)
Bobby Malach - Saxophone (Billy Chinnock)
Bobby Martin - Saxophone (Benny Mardones)
Bobby Messano - Guitar, bass (Franke & The Knockouts, Glen Burtnick, Joe Lynn Turner)
Bobby Wright - Keyboards (Night)
Bobbye Hall - Percussion (Dan Hartman)
'Bongo' Bob - Drum programming, percussion (Starship)
Brad Cole - Keyboards (Michael Bolton)
Brad Cummings - Bass (David Cassidy)
Brad Delp - Vocals (Orion the Hunter)
Brad Lang - Bass (John Parr)
Brad Steckel - Guitar, bass (Prototype)
Bradford Cobb - Bass (David Cassidy)
Bradley Davidson - Bass (Alliance)
Brandon Fields - Saxophone (Robin Beck, Think Out Loud)
Brent Diamond - Keyboards, synthesizers (Orphan, Arc Angel)
Bret Kik Keys - Drums, metallophones (Battlecry)
Brett Bloomfield - Bass (Starship, Le Mans)
Brett Garsed - Guitar (John Farnham)
Brett Raymond - Vocals (Brett Raymond)
Brian Allen - Guitar, keyboards (Champion)
Brian Badhams - Bass (Alaska)
Brian Banks - Synthesizers (Kenny Loggins)
Brian Canham - Vocals, guitar (Pseudo Echo)
Brian "Island" Coweison - Bass (Prototype)
Brian Cox - Keyboards (Dare)
Brian Dixon - Drums (Torino)
Brian Doerner - Drums (Refugee)
Brian Garofalo - Bass (Steve Perry)
Brian Greenway - Vocals, guitar, keyboards (Greenway)
Brian Heatherington - Keyboards, synthesizers (Van Zant)
Brian Heffernan - Bass (Winter's Reign)
Brian Kofmehl - Bass (China)
Brian LaBlanc - Bass (Fury)
Brian Lynch - Guitar, keyboards (Winter's Reign)
Brian MacLeod - Drums, bass, keyobards (Tim Feehan)
Brian McDonald - Vocals, keyboards (Brian McDonald Group)
Brian Newcombe - Bass (Paul Janz)
Brian Pastoria - Drums, percussion (Adrenalin)
Brian Smith - Guitar (Randy Meisner)
Brian Stanley - Bass (Tommy Shaw)
Brian Varhelyi - Vocals, synthesizers (Arthurs Museum)
Brian Whitcomb - Keyboards (Lisa Nemzo)
Bruce Davidson - Guitar (Outrider)
Bruce Gaitsch - Guitar (Tim Feehan, Maxus)
Bruce Gregg - Trombone (Cats can fly)
Bruce Kulick  - Guitar (Michael Bolton)
Bruce Laing - Bass (John Parr)
Bruce Miller - Strings, horns (Gregg Rolie)
Bruce Nazarian - Vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards (The Automatix, Bobby Barth)
Bruce Papa "Dartanyan" - Vocals (Cinema)
Bruce Schafer - Bass (Adrenalin)
Bruce Smith - Bass (Orion the Hunter)
Bruce Sudano - Vocals (Joe Bruce & 2nd Avenue)
Bruce Turgon - Guitar, bass, keyboards (Lou Gramm, Shadow King)
Bruce Wallenstein - Guitar (Lisa Nemzo)
Bryan Hughes - Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards (Beau Geste, The Bryan Hughes Group)
Brynjulf Blix - Keyboards (Stage Dolls)
Bucky Naughton - Vocals, drums, percussion (Bystander)
Bud Rizzo - Guitar (Michael Sembello)
Burleigh Drummond - Percussion (David Pack)
Butch Samolewicz - Bass (Magnum)
Buzz "Buzzy" Feiten - Guitar, bass (Phil Cristian, Jesse Colin Young)
Byron Scott - Keyboards (Los Angeles)

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