Monday, April 7, 2014

Musicians (P)

Paca Thomas - Keyboards (David Cassidy)
Paddy McKenna - Keyboards (Shy)
Pascal Mailloux - Vocals, keyboards (Leyden Zar)
Pat Coil - Keyboards (B.J. Thomas)
Pat Couchois - Guitar (Couchois)
Pat Dixon - Drums, percussion (Icon)
Pat Hand - Guitar (Alliance)
Pat Mastelotto - Drums (Eddie MoneyKevin Raleigh, Scandal, Nick Gilder, Danny Wilde, Wild Blue,
Jack Wagner, Kenny Loggins)
Pat Perez - Saxophone (Stan Meissner)
Pat Rush - Guitar (Garnett Ford)
Pat Taylor - Guitar (Drama)
Pat Thrall - Guitar (Hughes & Thrall)
Pat Torpey - Drums (Stan Bush & BarrageMichael Thompson Band)
Pat Vegas - Bass (Danny Spanos)
Patrick Lindell - Guitar (Fingerprints, West of Sunset)
Patrick Klein - Vocals, guitar (Stone Soup)
Patrick Leonard - Keyboards (Kenny Loggins)
Patrick Mason - Vocals (China)
Patrick Rondat - Guitar (The Element)
Patty Smyth - Vocals (Scandal)
Paul Armstrong - Drums (Garnett Ford)
Paul Burgess - Drums (Monro)
Paul Catterson - Bass (Cinema)
Paul Daiter - Bass (Stan Meissner)
Paul Dean - Guitar (Loverboy)
Paul Defty - Drums (She)
Paul Diamond - Bass (Torino)
Paul Dixon - Bass (Winter's Reign)
Paul Dwyer - Guitar (Monro)
Paul Engenmann - Vocals (Device)
Paul Fox - Bass (The Paul Godfrey Band)
Paul Godfrey - Guitar (The Paul Godfrey Band)
Paul Hannah - Drums (Zahalan, Champion)
Paul Hanson - Saxophone (Eddie Money)
Paul Herzog - Synthesizers (Stan Bush)
Paul Hewson - Keyboards (Dragon)
Paul Hoare - Bass (Atlantic)
Paul Hodson - Keyboards (John Parr)
Paul Jackson Jr. - Guitar (Chris Eaton, Russ Taff, Dakota, Think Out Loud)
Paul Janz - Vocals, keyboards, percussion (Paul Janz)
Paul Kayen - Guitar (Aldo Nova)
Paul Leim - Drums (B.J. ThomasChris Eaton, Russ Taff)
Paul Lewolt - Guitar, bass (Mark Free)
Paul Litteral - Trumpet (Dan Hartman)
Paul MacAusland - Vocals (Haywire)
Paul Markovich - Keyboards (Mark Free)
Paul Merar - Bass (Frank Stallone)
Paul Pesco - Guitar (Michael Bolton)
Paul Schaffer - Keyboards (Eric Martin)
Paul Smith - Drums (John Verity)
Paul St. James - Bass (Drive, She said)
Paul Strauss - Bass (Leyden Zar)
Paul Sutcliffe - Drums (Blue Blud)
Paul Warren - Guitar (Phil Cristian)
Paulinho Da Costa - Percussion  (John O´BanionEric MartinJoe LamontJohn WarrenMichael Bolton,
David Roberts, What if, David Pack, Frank Stallone, Drama, Think Out LoudMaxusMichael McDonald)
Peggy Sandvig - Synthesizers (i-Ten)
Peo Pettersson - Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards (Peo)
Peppy Castro - Vocals (Balance)
Per Lindvall - Drums (Jim Jidhed, West of Sunset)
Per Nordbring - Drums (Peo)
Pete Bardens - Keyboards, synthesizers (Keats)
Pete Bonus - Guitar (John Parr)
Pete Giles - Keyboards (Outside Edge)
Pete Green - Synthesizers, percussion, clarinet (Robin George)
Pete Jupp - Drums (WildlifeFM)
Pete Lomakin - Keyboards (Idle Cure)
Pete Marunzak - Drums (Luba)
Pete 'What' Moshey - Electronic drums (White Sister)
Pete Robinson - Keyboards (Airplay)
Pete Spencer - Percussion (John Verity)
Pete Wingfield - Keyboards (Stephen Bishop)
Peter Alexandre - Keyboards (Cats can fly)
Peter Appleyard - Percussion (Garnett Ford)
Peter Barbeau - Drums (Michael Breen)
Peter Beckett - Vocals, guitar (Player, Think Out Loud)
Peter Bleakney - Bass (The Arrows)
Peter Bunetta - Drums, percussion (Joe Lamont)
Peter Cardinali - Bass (Stan Meissner, Simon Chase)
Peter Clarke - Bass (Paul Janz)
Peter Clemente - Drums (Diving for pearls)
Peter Cupples - Vocals (Peter Cupples)
Peter Follett - Guitar (Eddie Schwartz)
Peter Fredette - Vocals, bass (Metropolis)
Peter Goalby - Guitar (John Parr)
Peter Gustavsson - Guitar (Angelize)
Peter Hammond - Drums, percussion (John Parr)
Peter Heckenberg - Drums (BB Steal)
Peter Hermansson - Drums (220 Volt)
Peter Marrino - Vocals (Le Mans)
Peter Maunu - Guitar (Lou Gramm)
Peter Olander - Guitar (220 Volt)
Peter Oxendale - Keyboards (2am)
Peter Phippen - Bass (Airkraft)
Peter Prestel - Vocals, guitar (Ultranite)
Peter Salonen - Bass (Wild Force)
Peter Scallan - Vocals (Moritz)
Peter Schless - Keyboards (ChannelHughes & Thrall)
Peter Solley - Organ, hammond (John Parr)
Peter Strykes - Vocals (1st Avenue)
Peter Valentine - Keyboards (Shelter)
Peter Van Hooke - Electronic drums (Russ Ballard)
Peter Vitesse - Keyboards (Walk on fire, Survivor)
Peter Waterank - Bass (BB Steal)
Peter Weihe - Guitar (O'Ryan)
Peter White - Guitar, keyboards (Lisa Nemzo)
Peter Wolf - Keyboards, synthesizers, piano, bass, drums, percussion (Starship, Gregg Rolie
Pablo Cruise, Lou Gramm, Kenny LogginsHeart)
Peter Wood - Keyboards, synthesizers (Orion the Hunter, Scandal)
Peter-John Vettese - Keyboards (Tommy Shaw, John Parr)
Petri Riipi - Vocals (Angelize)
Phil Bates - Vocals, guitar, keyboards (Atlantic)
Phil Brown - Bass, guitar (Lisa Hartman)
Phil Bryant - Bass (707)
Phil Collins - Drums (Stephen Bishop)
Phil Cristian - Vocals, keyboards (Phil Cristian)
Phil Ehart - Drums, percussion (Kansas)
Phil Kane - Vocals (Blue Blud)
Phil Kenzie - Saxophone (Randy Meisner, Jesse Colin Young)
Phil Longden - Keyboards (Bite the Bullet)
Phil Lynott - Bass (Robin George)
Phil Naish - Piano (Greg Guidry)
Phil Palmer - Bass, guitar (Chris Eaton)
Phil Ridden - Drums (Atlantic)
Phil Shernale - Keyboards, synthesizers (Nick Galder, John O'Banion, Jimmy Harnen)
Phil Solem - Guitar (Danny Wilde)
Phil Spalding - Bass (GTR)
Phil Uhrich - Keyboards (The Ultraviolet)
Phil Upchurch - Bass (John Warren)
Phil Williams - Bass (Walk on fire)
Philip "Phil" Chen - Bass (Michael Des BarresLaMarca)
Philip Soussan - Bass (Wildlife, Robin George)
Phillip Ashley - Keyboards, programming (Michael Bolton, Lou Gramm)
Pierre Gauthier - Guitar (Mark Free)
Pierre Gigliotti - Bass (Pseudo Echo)
Pierre Marchand - Keyboards (Luba)
Pino Palladino - Bass (John Sloman, Wild Blue, Lou Gramm, Robin George, Rick Springfield)
Pit Löw - Keyboards (O'Ryan)
Prairie Prince - Drums (Tim Feehan, David Pack)
Preston Tiley - Bass (USA)
Purdy - Bass (Certain Circle)
Putte "Ozzie" Jansson - Drums (Wild Force)

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