Monday, April 7, 2014

Musicians (Drums, percussion)

Ab Van Goor - Drums (Jimmy Martin and New Deal)
Abe Speller - Drums (Fandango)
Adrian Belew - Drums, guitar synthesizer (The Ultraviolet)
Al Wotton/Wooten - Drums (Franke & The Knockouts)
Alan Kelly - Drums (Shy)
Alan Krigger - Drums (Giuffria)
Alan Shacklock - Keyboards, synthesizers, piano, percussion, guitar (Roger Daltrey)
Alex Acuña - Percussion (Benny Mardones)
Alex Pertout - Percussion (Little River Band)
Allen Schwartzberg - Drums (Aldo Nova)
Alvin Otto - Drums (Skagarack)
Andy Duncan - Drums, percussion (AtlanticThe Truth)
A. J. Maday - Drums (Danny Spanos)
Anders Hansson - Guitar, drums, keyboards (West of Sunset)
Andy Newmark - Drums, percussion (GreenwayScandalBill LaBountyBalance)
Andy Wells - Keyboards, drums (John VerityRomeo's Daughter)
Angelo Vancheri - Drums (The Ultraviolet)
Anthony Galante - Percussion (Glen Burtnick)
Anthony Lamontara - Drums (ISOM)
Anton Fig - Drums (Henry Lee Summer, Chris ManciniAldo Nova)
Arne Flick - Drums (Ultranite)
Arno Lucas - Percussion (Kevin Raleigh)
Art Wood - Drums, drum programming (Cindy CruseJohn O'Banion, Dan Hartman,
Jesse Colin Young)
Asher Fisher - Drums (Beau Geste)
Barriemore Barlow - Drums, percussion (John Miles)
Barry Keane - Drums (Dwayne Ford)
Bashiri Johnson - Percussion (Russ Irwin, Fury)
Beasley Drake - Drums (RIO)
Ben "Gramm" Grammatico - Drums, percussion, trumpet (Lou Gramm)
Ben Grosse - Keyboards, percussion (Rick Medlocke & Blackfoot)
Bengan Andersson - Drums (Peo)
Bernie Pershey - Drums (Michael Thompson Band)
'Big Mac' - Drums (Worrall)
Bill Green - Drums (One)
Bill Hoffman - Drums (Henry Paul Band)
Bill Summers - Percussion (Michael Des Barres)
Billy Carmassi - Drums (Aldo Nova)
Billy Chinnock - Vocals, guitar, keyobards, synthesizers, drums (Billy Chinnock)
Billy DiBlasi - Drums (Outrider)
Billy Messinetti - Drums (Shelter)
Billy Milne - Drums (SPYS)
Billy Smiley - Percussion (Margaret Becker)
Bob Conti - Percussion (Joe Bruce & 2nd Avenue)
Bob Henrit - Drums, percussion (Charlie)
Bob Jenkins - Drums (Lionheart)
Bob Marlette - Guitar, drums, keyboards, synthesizers (Gregg RolieChina Sky, Andy Fraser,
Think Out Loud)
Bob Wilson - Drums, percussion, synthesizers (The FrontWhat if)
Bobby Campo - Percussion (Le Roux)
Bobby Chouinard - Drums (Michael Bolton, Robin Beck)
Bobby Economou - Drums (The Arrows)
Bobby Guidotti - Drums (Night)
Bobby Lakind - Percussion (Honeymoon SuiteGreg Guidry)
Bobbye Hall - Percussion (Dan Hartman)
'Bongo' Bob - Drum programming, percussion (Starship)
Bret Kik Keys - Drums, metallophones (Battlecry)
Brian Dixon - Drums (Torino)
Brian Doerner - Drums (Refugee)
Brian MacLeod - Drums, bass, keyobards (Tim Feehan)
Brian Pastoria - Drums, percussion (Adrenalin)
Bucky Naughton - Vocals, drums, percussion (Bystander)
Burleigh Drummond - Percussion (David Pack)
Cactus Moser - Drums (Cindy Cruse)
Carl H. Waadeland - Drum programming (Stage Dolls)
Carl "Butch" Small - Percussion (The Automatix)
Carl Palmer - Drums, percussion (3AsiaRoger Daltrey)
Carmine Appice - Drums (Danny Spanos, Chris Mancini)
Carsten Kolster - Percussion (Parber & Kerstein)
Charlie Morgan - Drums (Chris Eaton)
Charly Torino - Drums (The Element)
Chaz Evansky - Drums (Jimmy Harnen)
Chet McCracken - Drums (Billy Katt)
Chris Couchois - Vocals, percussion (Couchois)
Chris Leighton - Drums, percussion (Joseph Lee Wood)
Chris McHugh - Drums (Margaret Becker)
Chris Parker  - Drums, Percussion (Michael Bolton)
Chris Taylor - Drums (Paul Janz)
Chuck Bonfante - Drums (Saraya)
Chuck Burgi - Bass, drums, percussion (Michael BoltonBalanceAldo NovaArc Angel,
Joe Lynn Turner)
Chuck Reynolds - Drums (Jimmy Davis & Junction)
Chuck Ruff - Drums (Michael Furlong)
Ciro Devito - Drums (Beau Geste)
Claudie Popper - Electronic drums (John O'Banion)
Cozy Powell - Drums (PhenomenaRoger Daltrey)
Craig Krampf - Drums (Van Stephenson, Lisa HartmanSteve Perry)
Curly Smith - Drums, harmonica (Don JohnsonDanny Spanos, Wild Blue)
Curt Cress - Drums, percussion (JojoO'RyanSaga)
D. W. Adams - Drums (Brian McDonald Group)
Dan Hickey - Drums (Benny Mardones)
Danny Seraphine - Drums (Dakota)
Dany Wynn - Drums (LaMarca)
Darrell Mayes - Drums (Tim Feehan)
Darren Danielson - Drums (Roxus)
Dave Allan - Drums, percussion (Agent)
Dave Betts - Drums (Honeymoon Suite)
Dave Boaz - Drums (John Clouse)
Dave Holland - Drums (Robin George)
Dave Lepacik - Drums (Brinx)
Dave Mancini - Percussion (Jeff Cosco and Times Square)
Dave Spurr - Drums (Idle Cure)
Dave Werkhiser - Drums (Magnum)
David Budzak - Drums (Harlequin)
David Cohen - Drums, percussion (Jeff Cosco and Times Square)
David Corcoran - Drums, percussion (Duke Jupiter)
David Farmer - Drums (Outside Edge)
David Flynn - Vocals, percussion (Outrider)
David Hirschfelder - Keyboards, synthesizers, piano, drum programming (Little River Band
John FarnhamPeter Cupples)
David Huff - Drums, percussion (Idle CureGiant)
David Perper - Drums, percussion (Pablo Cruise)
David Platshon - Drums (Billy Katt)
David Prater - Drums (Glen Burtnick)
David Pridemore - Drums (Alliance)
David Raven - Drums (HALO)
David Peters - Drums, percussion (Le Roux)
Dennis Holt - Drums (Shout)
Denny Carmassi - Drums (Randy MeisnerHeart)
Denny Fongheiser - Drums (David Cassidy, Lisa Nemzo)
Denton Young - Drums (Harlequin)
Doane Perry - Drums (Dragon, Frank StalloneMaxusJay Gruska)
Don Frank - Drums (The Paul Godfrey Band)
Don Krueger - Drums, percussion (Beau Coup)
Don Williams - Percussion (Jay Gruska)
Donny Baldwin - Drums, vocals (Starship)
Ed Bettinelli - Drums (Preview)
Ed Green - Drums (Tony Sciuto)
Ed Rokx - Drums, percussion (Zinatra)
Eddie Driscoll - Drums (ISOM)
Eddie Fincher - Drums (Tobruk)
Eddie Zeeman - Vocals, drums, percussion (Cats can fly)
Eddie Zyne - Drums, percussion (Max Carl)
Elliot Douglas - Drums (Douglas)
Erik Scott - Bass, drum programming, keyboards (Mark FreeSignal)
Erwin "Bird" Leader - Drums, percussion (Sharx)
Esteban MacNardo - Drums (Bobby Barth)
Farrell Morris - Percussion (Margaret Becker)
Frank Amato - Vocals, percussion (Beau Coup)
Frank Briggs - Drums, percussion (805)
Frankie Banali - Drums (Danny SpanosHughes & Thrall)
Fred Mollin - Percussion (Stan Meissner)
Freddie Von Gerber - Drums (Easy Action)
Fritz Matzka - Drums (Jojo)
Gary Berman - Drums (Stan Meissner)
Gary Craig - Drums (The ArrowsEddie Schwartz)
Gary Ferguson - Drums, percussion (ChannelHughes & Thrall)
Gary Mallaber - Drums, percussion (Tim FeehanStan BushHughes & Thrall)
Gary McCracken - Drums (Wrabit)
Gary Spaulding - Drums (8084)
Gavin Spencer - Drums (Robin Beck)
George Perilli - Drums (David Pack, Frank StalloneMichael McDonald)
Giuvanni Bartolotto - Drums, percussion (Streek)
Glen Burtnick - Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion (Glen Burtnick)
Glenn Dove - Drums, percussion (Speedway BLVD)
Glenn Kithcart - Drums (Touch)
Graham Broad - Drums, percussion (John Parr, Wild Blue)
Graham Cowling - Drums (Bite the Bullet)
Graham Garrett - Drums (Ya Ya)
Greg Critchley - Vocals, drums (FM (CAN))
Greg Loates - Drums, programming (Simon Chase)
Gregg Gerson - Drums, percussion (Russ Irwin, Mayday, Benny Mardones)
Gregg Giuffria - Keyboards, drums (GiuffriaWhite Sister)
Gyro - Drums, percussion (Airkraft)
Hans Erkelens - Drums (Line)
Harold Huber - Drums (Fahrenheit)
Harold Seay - Drums, percussion (Rick Medlocke & Blackfoot)
Harry James - Drums (Terraplane)
Henry Torrossian - Drums (Korea)
J.T. Lewis - Drums (Kevin Raleigh)
Jack White - Drums (David Cassidy)
James Harrison - Drums (Redstone)
James Ross - Drums (Dare)
James Stroud - Drums (Greg Guidry)
Jan Uvena - Drums, percussion (Signal)
Jason Bonham - Drums (Virginia Wolf, Airrace)
Jeff Cannata - Vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass programming, drums (CannataArc Angel)
Jeff Tyzik - Horns, keyboards, drum programming (Jeff Cosco and Times Square)
Jerry Adolphe - Drums, percussion (BoulevardPrototype)
Jerry Marotta - Drums (Eric Martin)
Jerry Q. Jones - Drums (The Automatix)
Jerry Tyler - Drums (Lisa Nemzo)
Jim Drummond - Drums (Strangeways)
Jim Gregory - Bass, drums (Arc Angel)
Jim Heins - Drums (David Cassidy)
Jim Keltner - Drums (Michael Des Barres)
Jim McClarty - Drums (707)
Jim McGillveray - Percussion (Paul Janz)
Jimmy Bralower - Keyboards, synthesizers, drums (Orion the HunterRuss IrwinEddie Schwartz)
Jimmy Clark - Drums (Beau Coup, All Sports Band)
Jimmy Fox - Drums (Cheater)
Jimmy Hunter - Drums (Bobby Barth)

Jo Jo Boaz - Percussion (Leyden Zar)
Joan Franzon - Drums (Fingerprints, West of Sunset)
Jochen Steinberg - Drums (Rescue)
Jody Cortez - Drums (Phil Cristian)
Joe Franco - Drums (The Ladder)
Joe Lala - Percussion (White Sister)
Joe Vitale - Drums (Tom Kimmel)
Joey Carbone - Keyboards, piano, synthesizers, percussion (Bill ChamplinJohn O'Banion)
Joey D'Amico - Drums (B.E. Taylor Group)
Joey DePompeis - Drums, percussion (Danny Spanos)
John Dommen - Drums (China)

John Franks - Drums (Beau Coup)
John Friesen - Drums, percussion (Player)
John Gilston - Drum programming (Jay Gruska)
John Henderson - Drums (Walk on fire)
John Keane - Drums (Michael Bolton, Stephen Bishop, Brett RaymondMichael Thompson Band)
John Marter - Drums (Alaska)
John Metcalfe - Drums (Moritz)
John Munro - Drums (John Sloman)
John Powell - Vocals, drums (The Koo)
John Raines - Percussion (Tony Sciuto)
John "J.R." Robinson - Drums, keyboards, bass (Bridge 2 Far, Michael BoltonJoe Bruce & 2nd Avenue,
Jay GruskaDakotaDavid PackKenny LogginsStabilizersMichael Thompson Band)
John Waller - Drums (Avion)
Johnny Fritzi - Drums (Forsale)
Jon Anderson - Drums (Garnett Ford)
Jonathan Landreth Teague - Vocals, drums (The Cauze)
Jonathan Moffett - Drums (Kenny Loggins)
Jonathan Mover - Drums, percussion (GTR)
Jorge Bermudez - Percussion (Pablo Cruise)
Jorn Andersen - Drums (Stan MeissnerBernie LaBarge)
Keith Ard - Drums (Matinee)
Keith Diamond - Bass, keyboards, drums, percussion (Michael Bolton)
Ken Harck - Drums (Wild Blue)
Keni "Richetti" Richards - Drums (Autograph)
Kenny Stavropoulos - Drums (Le Mans)
Kevan McKenzie - Drums (Stan Meissner)
Kevin Beamish - Percussion (Stan Bush)
Kevin Valentine - Drums, percussion (The Innocent, Shadow King)
Kex Gorin - Cymbal (Robin George)
Kim Hunt - Drums, percussion (Urgent (Canada))
Larrie Londin - Drums, percussion (JourneySteve Perry)
Larry Dent - Drums (Dreamer)
Lars Eliasson - Drums, cymbals, drum programming (Ballard)
Laurent Muller - Drums (Stand by)
Lenny Castro - Percussion (Eric MartinChris Eaton, Russ Taff, Bill LaBounty, i-Ten,
Nielsen & PearsonJoseph WilliamsJohn O'Banion)
Leon Stevenson - Percussion (Garnett Ford)
Lou Mandelli - Drums, percussion (Fandango)
Lou Parente - Keyboards, percussion (The Ladder)
Lou Rosenthal - Drums, percussion (Export, 2am)
Luis C. Conte - Percussion (Kenny Loggins)
Luis Jardim - Percussion (Ya Ya)
Magnus Hall - Drums (Angelize)
Malcolm Wakeford - Drums (Little River Band)
Máns Abrahamsson - Drum programming (Ballard)
Manu Katche - Percussion (Lisa Hartman)
Marc Droubay - Drums (Survivor)
Marc Nelson - Drums (New Frontier)
Mark Brzezicki - Drums, percussion (Roger Daltrey)
Mark Craney - Drums (Gregg Rolie)
Mark Hammond - Drums (Van StephensonGreg Guidry)
Mark Hopkins - Drums (Tangier)
Mark Kaufman - Drums (Mayday)
Mark Mangold - Keyboards, drums, vocals (Michael BoltonBenny MardonesDrive She saidTouch)
Mark Marshall - Drums (Tommy Shaw)
Mark Meisner - Drums (ZZYZX)
Mark Nelson - Drums (Phil Cristian)
Mark T. Williams - Drums (Joseph Williams)
Marko Gronholm - Drums (Peo)
Martin Chambers - Drums (Roger Daltrey)
Marty Randles - Guitar, bass, drums (Joseph Lee Wood)
Matt Sorum - Drums (Jeff Paris)
Matt Zimbel - Percussion (The Arrows)
Matthew - Vocals, drums (The Action)
Matthew "Matt" Frenette - Percussion, drums (BoulevardLoverboy)
Memo Acevedo - Percussion (The Arrows)
Michael "Mike" Baird  - Drums, percussion (Michael BoltonEddie MoneyPrismAirplayEric Martin
Michael Braun - Drums (Michael BoltonEddie Schwartz)
Michael Couchois - Drums (Couchois)
Michael De Rosier - Drums, percussion (Orion the Hunter, Alias)
Michael "Mike" Fisher - Percussion (Van Stephenson, Brett RaymondRick SpringfieldJay Gruska)
Michael Furlong - Vocals, guitar, drums & percussion, bass (Michael Furlong)
Michael Hanson - Drums (Glass Tiger)
Michael Lloyd - Drums, programming (Benny Mardones)
Michael Morales - Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards (Michael Morales)
Michael Omartian - Drums, percussion, drums programming, keyboards, synthesizers, piano
(Michael BoltonJoe Bruce & 2nd AvenueStephen BishopMaxusJoseph WilliamsJay Gruska)
Michael Ricciardella - Drums (Aviator)
Michael Root - Drums (Paul Janz)
Michael Sloski - Drums (The Arrows)
Michael Sturgis - Drums (Phenomena)
Michael Todd - Drums (Los Angeles)
Michel Lachapelle - Drums (Aldo Nova)
Mick Fortune - Drums (Fortune)
Mick Guzauski - Percussion (Lisa Hartman)
Mickey Barker - Drums (Magnum)
Mickey Currey - Drums (Eric Martin, Kenny Loggins, Survivor)
Mikael Ahlfort - Drums (Tracy goes crazy)
Mike Balm - Drums (Stan Bush)
Mike Fisher - Percussion (Peter Cupples)
Mike Graham - Drums, keyboards (HALO)
Mike Organ - Drums (Henry Lee Summer)
Mike Psanos - Drums (Greg Guidry)
Mike Richardson - Drums (Russ Ballard)
Mike Sloski - Drums (Stan Meissner)
Morris Pert - Percussion (Night)
Mugs Cain - Drums, Percussion (Michael Bolton)
Myron Grumbacher - Drums (David Cassidy)
Narada Michael Walden - Drums (Starship)
Neil Raper - Drums (John Verity)
Neil Stubenhaus - Bass, drums (Bridge 2 FarMartee LebowMichael BoltonChris Eaton, Russ Taff,
Dakota, Glen BurtnickNielsen & Pearson, StabilizersDwayne FordJay Gruska)
Nick LePar - Drums, percussion (Dreamstreet)
Nick Mangini - Drums, percussion (Fury)
Nona Hendryx - Drum programming (Dan Hartman)
Nop Ton - Drums (1st Avenue)
Norm Plischke - Drums (The Paul Godfrey Band)
Ole Petter Hansen - Drums (Jim Jidhed)
Otto Fuss - Drums, percussion (Max Carl)
Pat Dixon - Drums, percussion (Icon)
Pat Torpey - Drums (Stan Bush & BarrageMichael Thompson Band)
Paul Armstrong - Drums (Garnett Ford)
Paul Burgess - Drums (Monro)
Paul Defty - Drums (She)
Paul Hannah - Drums (Zahalan, Champion)
Paul Janz - Vocals, keyboards, percussion (Paul Janz
Paul Leim - Drums (B.J. ThomasChris Eaton, Russ Taff)
Paul Smith - Drums (John Verity)
Paul Sutcliffe - Drums (Blue Blud)
Paulinho Da Costa - Percussion  (John O´BanionEric MartinJoe LamontJohn WarrenMichael Bolton,
David Roberts, What if, David Pack, Frank Stallone, Drama, Think Out LoudMaxusMichael McDonald)
Per Lindvall - Drums (Jim Jidhed, West of Sunset)
Per Nordbring - Drums (Peo)
Pete Green - Synthesizers, percussion, clarinet (Robin George)
Pete Jupp - Drums (WildlifeFM)
Pete Marunzak - Drums (Luba)
Pete 'What' Moshey - Electronic drums (White Sister)
Pete Spencer - Percussion (John Verity)
Peter Appleyard - Percussion (Garnett Ford)
Peter Barbeau - Drums (Michael Breen)
Peter Bunetta - Drums, percussion (Joe Lamont)
Peter Clemente - Drums (Diving for pearls)
Peter Hammond - Drums, percussion (John Parr)
Peter Heckenberg - Drums (BB Steal)
Peter Hermansson - Drums (220 Volt)
Peter Van Hooke - Electronic drums (Russ Ballard)
Peter Wolf - Keyboards, synthesizers, piano, bass, drums, percussion (StarshipGregg Rolie
Pablo CruiseLou GrammKenny LogginsHeart)
Phil Collins - Drums (Stephen Bishop)
Phil Ehart - Drums, percussion (Kansas)
Phil Ridden - Drums (Atlantic)
Prairie Prince - Drums (Tim Feehan, David Pack)
Putte "Ozzie" Jansson - Drums (Wild Force)
Randall Stoll - Drums (Boulevard)
Randy Goodrum - Keyboards, synthesizers, piano, drums, drum programming (Michael BoltonDrama
Think Out LoudSteve PerryMichael McDonald)
Raven - Keyboards, synthesizers, drum programming (Ballard)
Ray Herrmann - Percussion (Cannata)
Ray Weston - Drums (Jimmy Martin and New Deal)
Rich Kossuth - Drums (Synch)
Richard Landis - Percussion, keyboards, synthesizers (Van Stephenson, Glen Burtnick,
Nielsen & Pearson)
Richard Wright - Drums (White Sister)
Rick Keefer - Keyboards, percussion (Michael Furlong)
Rick Marotta - Drums, percussion (Eric Martin)
Rick Nevens - Guitar, keyboards, drums, percussion, programming (Stabilizers)
Rick Schulz - Drums (Dominoe)
Rick Springfield - Vocals, guitar, bass, synthesizers, percussion (Rick Springfield)
Ricky Lazar - Percussion (Cats can fly)
Rob Elliott - Drums (Sheriff)
Rob Hardin - Keyboards, percussion (The Ladder)
Robbie Morris - Drums (Van Zant)
Robert Henrit - Drums, percussion (John VerityCharlie)
Robin George - Vocals, guitar, bass, synthesizers, percussion (Robin George)
Rod Gammons - Guitar, keyboards, drum programming (9th Street)
Rod Lincoln - Drums (Shooting Star)
Rodney Psycha - Percussion, vocals (Beau CoupThe Innocent)
Roger Cox - Drums (Billy Chinnock)
Roger Larocque - Drums (Mark Free)
Roger Taylor - Drums (Roger Daltrey)
Ron Back - Drum programming (Arc Angel)
Ron Krasinski - Drums (Benny Mardones)
Ron Leblanc - Drums (Haywire)
Ron Powell - Percussion (Michael Sembello)
Ron Pucillo - Drums (Roma)
Ron Rocco - Drums (Cheater)
Ron Tutt - Drums (Tony Sciuto)
Ron Vaugeois - Drums, percussion (Tim Feehan)
Ron Wikso - Drums (The Storm)
Ronnie Mini - Drums, percussion (Cinema)
Ross Fraser - Drum programming, synthesizers (John Farnham)
Ross Salamon - Drums (Danny Spanos)
Roy Herring Jr. - Vocals, percussion, piano (Speedway BLVD)
Rupert Hine - Keyboards, percussion (Wildlife)
Russ Ballard - Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, electronic drums (Russ Ballard)
Russ Kunkel - Drums (Jesse Colin Young)
Russ Titleman - Percussion (Bill LaBounty)
Sammy Meredino - Drums (Russ Irwin)
Scott Henry - Drums (Work Force)
Scott Lloyd - Drums (Arthurs Museum)
Scott Sherman - Drums (Meghan)
Sean Kilbride - Drums (Haywire)
Simon Kirke - Drums, percussion, saxophone (Wildlife)
Simon Philips - Drums (John Parr, Russ Ballard)
Skip Gillette - Drums (Michael Furlong)
Staff Fieldfouse - Drums (Michael McDonald)
Stan Lynch - Drums (Eric Martin)
Stan Meissner - Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums (MetropolisStan Meissner)
Stefan Gross - Drums (No Credit Band)
Steinar Krokstad - Drums (Stage Dolls)
Stephan Bayerlein - Drums (Frontline)
Stephen Riley - Drums (The B'zz)
Steve Alexander - Percussion (Tommy Shaw)
Steve Ferrone - Drums, percussion (Kevin RaleighRobin BeckWalk on fireRuss Irwin, Stone Soup)
Steve Foreman - Percussion (PlayerNielsen & PearsonStan Bush)
Steve Gadd - Drums, percussion (Bill LaBountyCharlie)
Steve Holley - Drums, percussion (Tommy Shaw)
Steve Hopkins - Keyboards, bass, drum programming (Mark Free)
Steve Kehr - Drums, percussion (Urgent)
Steve Mercer - Drums (Peroux)
Steve Minkins - Percussion (Journey)
Steve Pierce - Drums (Shogun)
Steve Rodford - Bass, drums, keyboards (RIOJohn Verity)
Steve Self - Drums (Michael Furlong)
Steve Smith - Drums, percussion (The StormGlen BurtnickJourney)
Steve Thomas - Drums, percussion (Shooting Star)
Steve Warehime - Percussion (Tony Sciuto)
Steven Prestwich - Drums (Little River Band)
Stewart Copeland - Drums (Roger Daltrey)
Stick E. - Drums, percussion (Zaza)
Stuart Elliott - Drums, percussion (Keats, Russ Ballard)
Stuart MacMillan - Drums (Winter's Reign)
Svante Persson - Keyboards, drums (Jim Jidhed)
Ted McKenna - Drums (Phenomena)
Ted Poley - Drums (Prophet)
Ted Templeman - Percussion (Honeymoon Suite)
Terry Chambers - Drums (Dragon)
Terry Bozzio - Drums (Michael Thompson Band)
Terral "Terry" Santiel - Percussion (Kevin Raleigh)
Terry Martell - Drums (Aldo Nova)
Terry Norman Taylor - Drums, percussion (Orphan)
Terry Thomas - Guitar, keyboards, drum programming (Tommy ShawCharlie)
Thommy Price - Drums (Scandal)
Tico Torres - Drums (Franke & The Knockouts)
Tim Aller - Percussion (Kevin Raleigh)
Tim Feehan - Vocals, keyboards, drums (Tim Feehan)
Tim Gehrt - Drums, percussion (Streets)
Tim Gordine - Guitar, keyboards, drum programming (9th Street)
Tim McGovern - Guitar, drums (David Cassidy)
Tim Steele - Drums, percussion (The Ravyns)
Timmy Reynolds - Drums (Boyfriend)
Toby Tarrach - Drums (Alien)
Tom Majors - Drums (Certain Circle)
Tom Walsh - Drums (A=440)
Tomie Reeves - Keyboards, bass, drum programming (Mark Free)
Tommy Dobeck - Drums (Michael Stanley Band)
Tommy Swift - Drums (Surgin')
Tommy Wells - Drums (RPM)
Tony Beard - Drums (Tommy Shaw, John Parr)
Tony Braunagel - Drums (Andy Fraser)
Tony Humecke - Drums (Drama)
Tony Papa - Percussion (Billy Katt)
Tony Thompson - Drums (Distance)
Toshihiro Niimi - Drums (Phenomena)
Trevor Morais - Drums (Wildlife, 2am)
Tris Imboden - Drum overdubs (Think Out Loud)
Troy Luccketta - Drums (Eric Martin Band)
Ulf "Wolf" Widlund - Keyboards, synthesizers, guitar, bass, drum programming (Ballard)
Vince Leigh - Drums (Pseudo Echo)
Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums (AvalonEric MartinJoe LamontRuss Irwin, Gregg Rolie, Michael Sembello,
Nielsen & PearsonJay Gruska)
Virgil Donati - Drums, percussion (Peter Cupples)
Vito Rezza - Drums (Simon Chase)
Walter Afanasieff - Bass, drums, percussion, keyboards (Michael Bolton, Starship)
Walter Santos - Percussion (Fandango)
Zak Starkey - Drums (Laurence ArcherRoger Daltrey)
Zuff - Drums (USA)

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